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There’s a lot of bad press about cops lately.  Have you noticed?  Who am I kidding: of course you have. It’s impossible to miss… unfortunately.  There are countless articles that call the police power-hungry, over-militarized, trigger-happy, insensitive, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s pretty rough.

You know your husband. You know the other officers in his department.  You know them as people who feel called to law enforcement, who are completely devoted to it, because they want to make the world a better place.  You know how important it is to them to help those around them.

Sure, maybe they’re a little rough around the edges sometimes.  Maybe they’re a little stubborn and hard headed, and occasionally they crack jokes at inappropriate times (cop humor, am I right?), but they definitely aren’t the monsters they’re being made out to be.

It’s even more frustrating because it’s not even just the straight-up “cop haters” who spread the bad gossip about cops.  Even those who mean well get wrapped up in the media portrayal and don’t necessarily know better.  Because hey, unless you’re in the LEO life, there’s a lot that’s kind of a mystery.  And because of that uncertainty, the loudest voice they hear wins.

All in all, you wind up feeling like the entire world is against your husband.  It’s hard enough to send him out to be in harm’s way, let alone after hearing stories of other officers being specifically targeted for violence simply because they’re police officers.

It’s heartbreaking to send your husband out into a world that hates him just for the job he does – which, ironically enough, is to protect even those who wish him harm.

With all that being said, I’d like you to consider something.

Great reminder.  It's so hard to be a police wife right now but this gives me a lot of hope. <3

Your husband isn’t the first man to have his motives questioned.  He’s not the first to be misrepresented and slandered.  He’s certainly not the first to be treated unfairly.  Christ felt all those things.  He was perfect and innocent, yet called a liar, a blasphemer, and worse.  He stood in the line of fire for us, even the ones who ended up taking his life.  They didn’t appreciate it at the time, either.

When you see these articles decrying police as villains, try to remember who it is that truly sees and understands your husband.

Who sees when he puts himself on the line to protect others.

Who sees when he runs toward danger instead of running away.

Who sees when he cries out in prayer for himself and others.

Who sees when he deals honestly with those who lie to him.

Who sees when he shows mercy to those who least deserve it.  Who is willing to see beyond the mistakes someone’s made and have hope for the person they can become (at least once in a while.)

When he does the right thing – not because anybody’s looking, but simply because it’s the right thing.

There is one on high who sees all these things and won’t forget them.  Those good things will be rewarded eternally, and the things that are unfair will be made right a hundred times over.

So please – don’t bother getting in a Facebook argument about the nature of the police force. It’s not worth it.

Choose your battles wisely, and remember… Your husband isn’t the first man the world has hated.

Update 7/25/16: If you need more help dealing with the recent war on cops, I wrote another post here: How to Deal With the War on Cops As A Police Wife

Great reminder.  It's so hard to be a police wife right now but this gives me a lot of hope. <3


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