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It can be hard to fill the time when your officer works nights – that’s why I’ve put together this list of the best TV shows to binge watch when you’re in search of something new!

Okay, so even though night shifts can be a great opportunity to do some chores or just sleep, sometimes you just need a good binge watch session while your officer is gone.

Because especially if you’re a stay at home mom in addition to being a police wife, you probably spend a LOT of time watching kid shows like Curious George and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

That’s great and all, but when the kids are asleep (finally!) and hubby is out on patrol, sometimes you just need a little time to watch a grown-up show without your other half giving his two cents on what to watch.

After all, many of these shows my hubby refuses to watch with me – ha!

But if you’re currently in this boat and looking for something new, here are some of my favorite shows to binge watch (plus the streaming service you can find them on!) organized by type of show: light/funny, dark/serious, and somewhere in the middle.

The Best TV Shows To Binge Watch When Your Officer Works Nights

Light/Funny Shows

The Office

This show is a given! I’m sure you’ve seen it… but if not, you’re missing out.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this show all the way through. I guess you might be able to tell because I reference it all the time in real life!

The other thing I love about its dry humor is the fact I catch new jokes every time, like the one about Squeaky Fromm that went unnoticed by me for like, 4 watches.

Watch On: Netflix or Hulu

Gilmore Girls

This show is a huge guilty pleasure of mine, and one my husband will NOT watch with me.  It drives him nuts… which makes it perfect for the times he’s not around to eye-roll at it.

Plus, I LOVE Lauren Graham anything.

Watch On: Netflix

Nailed It!

This is one of the few on this list that’s mostly kid-friendly (with occasional explanations lol) but if you’re in need of something lighthearted, especially if you can’t get the kids to bed, it’s my favorite.

There’s even a Christmas specific Nailed It! if you want a holiday-themed binge session 🙂

Watch On: Netflix

Out There with Jack Randall

If you liked watching Steve Irwin as a kid, you’ll dig this show.  That being said, it ain’t for the faint of heart – lots of snakes and scary stuff being cavalierly dangled while being called beautiful.

If you’re not into the craziness, skip it – but it’s definitely a good binge-watching show!

Watch On: Disney+

The Simpsons

I recently rewatched the first ten seasons, and I had forgotten how hilarious it is!

That being said, show quality distinctly drops off by the tenth season, hence why I stopped there… but that’s still a lot of good material to watch until then!

Watch On: Disney+

Dark/Serious Shows


Justified is the weirdest combination of hilarious and dark I’ve ever encountered. If you’ve developed a dark sense of humor being married to an officer, you’ll appreciate that 😉

Side note, my hubby taught me all about sovereign citizens and similar fringe groups through this show.  Consider it good LEO wife education, ha!

Watch On: Amazon Prime or Hulu

Forensic Files

This is my go-to “white noise” if I’m alone and working. Maybe to a fault because I can usually identify the episode within the first like 30 seconds… but anyway.

I love learning about the science behind crime solving, especially as the series goes on and the technology gets more advanced.

I’ve also heard a new season is coming soon – so stoked!

Watch On: Netflix or Hulu

Turn: Washington’s Spies

This show is based on the true stories of spies during the Revolutionary War.  The stories are obviously embellished and unknown details are filled in, but all things considered, I’ve learned more about the American Revolution than I ever learned in school.

And way more interesting things, too – like their makeshift submarine and information passing methods.

Plus, if you’re big into history, you can read the book it’s based on.  Though I liked the somewhat simplified version Brian Kilmeade wrote – but your preference would depend on how into detail you are.  My hubby loves the in-depth history, but I like the basics.

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Anyway, this is an amazing series, even if you don’t consider yourself a history buff!

Watch On: Netflix

Scientology and the Aftermath

If you’ve ever wanted to see how 1984 plays out in real life, here’s a show for you.

I started watching it one day when I was sick, and my husband came home in the middle of it.  He watched a little, then asked if he’d wait so he could watch it with me.

So it’s hubby-approved 😉

But be prepared: it gets pretty dark.

Watch On: Hulu

“Somewhere In The Middle” Shows


This is, hands down, my favorite show of all time.  It was my “nursing show” with my first baby, and I’ve rewatched the entire series several times since then.

Be prepared to cry basically every episode, but it’s worth it.

Side note: people say it’s similar to This Is Us (and of course, it’s made by the same people) but IMO, it’s far less schmaltzy.  I couldn’t watch This Is Us past the first season or two.

Watch On: Netflix

River Monsters

My son loves this show and will watch it with me, which is awesome (though surprising) – but even if he didn’t, it’s fascinating.

It’s all about Jeremy Wade, an “extreme angler”, and his quest to learn about local myths and legends and the river monsters that inspire them.

I love seeing the stuff he fishes out of rivers (even if it makes me never want to go in the water again)

Watch On: Netflix or Amazon Prime


This is another guilty pleasure show, but one my husband will surprisingly watch with me.

It’s about two doctors who are revision plastic surgeons.  They fix botched plastic surgery (mostly from Tijuana) and advise plastic surgery addicts against doing anything more.

It’s super entertaining (though sometimes extremely gross) and surprisingly educational.

Watch On: Hulu


Okay, that’s enough about me… what are your favorite TV shows to binge watch on night shifts?  Comment below and let me know!



tv shows to binge watch when your officer's away :)


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