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In search of a thin blue line ring that can work for both you and your LEO?  Look no further: no matter your personal style, you’ll find something in this post.

Because law enforcement impacts basically everything about your life, it’s not surprising that you might want to show off your pride in your officer as much as possible.

Because hey, as hard as it gets, there’s a lot to be proud of.

But one of the best places to show off your law enforcement pride is somewhere you can see it all day, every day – with a ring on your hand.

Whether you’re in search of a thin blue line ring to work for your everyday wedding ring, as a cheaper alternative for when you go on vacation, or as a pregnancy ring when you inevitably swell up (been there), there’s an option for you on this list!

Thin Blue Line Rings For Both You And Your Officer


This is a great place to get silicone rings that are perfect if either of you are finicky about the way your rings fit, or if you’d just like an affordable, durable backup ring for when you’re on vacation, working out, or whatever.

My husband and I have loved their thin blue line rings.

Shop QALO now (click that link to get $5 off your purchase!), or read my full review of QALO for more information.

Thin Blue Line USA

I could forever sing the praises of Thin Blue Line USA and their selection and quality of products for police families, but for now I’ll focus on their rings 🙂

They have gorgeous thin blue line rings for both women (silver/black) and men (silver/black).

Let’s talk about the benefits of these rings:

First of all, they’re made of super-durable tungsten carbide.  It’s nice to have a ring you won’t have to worry about getting damaged, but that is a little more sturdy than a silicone ring.

Plus, they’re beveled on the inside! That means they’ll be far more comfortable on your finger, no matter what size you wear.

Shop Thin Blue Line USA now, using code LOVEBLUES15 for 15% off (yay!) or read this post, The Best Advice for New Police Wives, which includes my review of their rings.


Surprisingly, Amazon is a pretty good source of jewelry.  Naturally, you’ll have to pay extra close attention to the reviews of individual rings since it’s more of a marketplace than a store, but you can get stuff that’s in a much more affordable price than you might be able to otherwise.

Plus, if you’re a Prime member, you can get the ring you’re in love with within a day or two, which is kind of amazing. 

Psst: Don’t have Prime?  You can try it free for 30 days 🙂

That being said, again… the quality is a little more hit and miss than other places.  But as just a “for-fun” ring or travel ring, or another thin blue line ring you’re not so uncomfortable having to replace now and then, it’s a wonderful resource.

Here are a few of the rings I found while searching (but holy moly…. there are a lot!)

This titanium band with dark blue CZ that has a 4 star rating:

This gorgeous stainless steel dark blue CZ ring that’s perfect for a right hand ring – and has a 4 star rating:

Right hand thin blue line ring!

This stackable sterling silver blue and white CZ eternity band.  So gorgeous and again, 4 stars!

Clear and blue CZ eternity thin blue line ring This gorgeous Celtic tungsten carbide wedding band with a 4.5 star rating:

This plain blue titanium ring, perfect for stacking with your existing wedding set – and has a 4.5 star rating:

 Plain thin blue line ring that would be perfect to stack with a wedding set.So yeah, Amazon is a pretty awesome resource for thin blue line rings – better than I ever would have thought, honestly!



If you’re looking for a thin blue line ring that’s a little more unique and offbeat, Etsy is the best resource for you!

Here are a few of the rings I found that I drooled over while compiling this post:

This vintage sapphire and diamond ring available in multiple options of metals:

Not exactly a thin blue line ring, but gorgeous blue and white sapphire ring that would totally do the trick!

This simple baguette-cut sapphire ring:

This hammered finish thin blue line heart ring:

This thin blue line glow in the dark (!!) ring:

So cool! a thin blue line glow in the dark ring

This black tungsten carbide and blue sapphire men’s ring:

This GORGEOUS tungsten and imitation abalone inlaid thin blue line ring:

Gorgeous thin blue line ring with abalone

Seriously, if you’re looking for something that’s one-of-a-kind, Etsy is your place to look.  Because these pictures?  They’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Your local jewelry store.

Naturally, you can find lots of suitably thin blue line-esque rings at any store near you.  Well, any store that has sapphires, anyway.

Personally, my wedding set is from Jared, and I love it!

Funny story: Half of why we wanted sapphires in my ring (well – I did, and my husband was behind me on it ;)) is because we originally planned to get married in September.  Then both our sisters got pregnant, so we had to move it up to make sure they could attend!


Whatever kind of thin blue line ring you and your officer are looking for, there’s bound to be an option here for you.

If you have a ring or wedding set you’d like to show off, feel free to post a picture in the comments!  I’d love to see it 🙂



Gorgeous thin blue line ring ideas!


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