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If you are a Christian police wife struggling during the war on cops, you definitely need to pick up a copy of Unshakeable by Leah Everly.

Being a police wife has never been easy.

Poke around this blog just a little bit and you’ll find all the potential problems: hard to get time alone with your spouse.  Parenting is tougher and makes you feel like you’re all by yourself.  Even the first time your husband gets a female partner can be a bit of a shock.

But none of those typical police wife problems come anywhere near the issue of the war on cops, which is where we find ourselves.

Everywhere you turn, you see anti-police rhetoric.

There’s Antifa and BLM, who actively promote false information about the police, claiming that law enforcement is inherently racist.

There’s the push to “defund the police” – which some people claim doesn’t actually take money away from the police, ostensibly – but you can judge for yourself.

There are celebrities and politicians every day decrying the police and their “brutality”, either in their personal social media accounts or in their rulings against police officers for just doing their jobs.

That’s not to say police brutality doesn’t exist.  Of course it happens.  Of course there are bad cops – and any good cop will decry them, too.

But the idea that law enforcement overall is just out to hurt people? It’s ludicrous.

Finding Hope During The War On Cops

The idea of this would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous.

All of this anti-cop rhetoric directly results in attacks on officers, like these:

It’s unbelievably bad.

Unsurprisingly, all of this increases the anxiety you already feel as a police wife.

When you feel like you can’t turn anywhere for support, when it feels like the whole world, including your friends and family at times, where are you supposed to turn?

The Only Perfect Source Of Peace

When the world feels crazy, the only sure place you can turn is to God.

See, even if all of this has caught you off guard – even if the whole of 2020, in truth, has caught you off guard – it has not caught your Heavenly Father off guard.

He, in fact, warned you you would be hated by the world (see John 15:18).

Being in this position, then, is the perfect opportunity to become closer to your God, and that’s exactly what my newest book, Unshakeable, seeks to help you do.


I’m so excited to bring this book to you at such a needed time.

I really hope it helps you navigate this difficult time with more grace, helps stoke the fire of your faith, and brings you closer to your Heavenly Father so you can take on anything that comes your way.

Here’s what the back cover says

Life is harder than ever for police wives right now.

With law enforcement officers being publicly discredited and slandered against like never before, there is such a sense of dread. A sense of loneliness. A sense of complete isolation from the rest of the world.

The only sure hope for police wives in an anti-cop world is God.

He alone provides the hope that things work together for your good, that you’re not alone, and that He has a plan to get you through it.

In this devotional, Leah Everly gives scriptural-based advice about:

  • Shifting your mindset from one of hopelessness to one of confidence in your future.
  • Guarding your heart from the pervasive negativity of the world toward your officer.
  • Talking to your kids about the scary things they see in a way that strengthens them.
  • Forgiving, loving, and praying for your enemies rather than wallowing in negativity.
  • Navigating tricky relationships with anti-cop friends and family with grace.

It’s not easy to cope with the war on cops for police wives, but with God, you are unstoppable.


If you’re in need of spiritual assistance during the war on cops, head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Unshakeable today!

Faith During The War On Cops



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