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Christmas time isn’t always so holly jolly for police officers.  Here are the 5 best ways to pray for your officer this Christmas to support his faith and help him feel the Christmas spirit.

I know that even though this time of year is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the time when the bad stuff in the world is supposed to go away.

Isn’t that how you thought of things when you were a kid?  Bad things aren’t supposed to happen at Christmas time.  That’s just not how it’s supposed to be.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and it can be an especially trying time of year for police officers.  And as a police wife, you want to support him in his calling as much as possible.  Luckily, you have a very simple and powerful way to do so – prayer.

Here are 5 of the best ways you can pray for your officer this Christmas.

5 Ways To Pray For Your Officer This Christmas Season

Pray that he’ll be able to make happy memories with family this year.

Among all the bad stuff your husband will see and all the family events he’ll have to miss, pray that he’ll still have as many opportunities as possible to connect with his family – both extended family and you and your kids.

Pray that he’ll remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Ask for help reminding your husband of the true meaning of Christmas, where things come from and 

Pray that the bad things he sees will bring him closer to God.

Pray that his mind will be guarded such that the bad things he sees won’t affect him more than necessary.

You can’t make it so your husband won’t see bad things, and God can’t stop people from choosing bad behavior that cause those bad things.  But God can help your husband deal with it.  Pray that your husband will be brought closer to God through those things, that in any trial of faith, he’ll prevail and become better.

Pray for him to see more of the good in the world than the bad.

Seriously, when he’s on shift around the holidays, he’s going to see a lot of the worst things in the world.  Pray that with those experiences, he’ll also have the opportunity to see the good stuff in the world around him, too.  Ask for God to let him see the charitable things people do for one another and genuine acts of generosity.  Ask for help letting him see God’s hand in everything around him.

Pray for him to have ample opportunities to be a light to the world.

Ask for your husband to have opportunities to truly connect with the people around him and make a difference in the world.

The best way to be a witness to God’s hand in things is to commit to being His hands and feet, so by praying for him to have opportunities to do so, you can help him see even more of the good stuff in the world than usual.


By praying for your officer this year, you can help him have a greater peace of mind – and you, as well.

Love this - how to pray for your officer this Christmas!  Great tips on what your LEO needs most this year :)


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