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Prayer is so powerful, and God is invested in your marriage – so why not pray about it?  Here are the best ways to pray for your marriage every single day.

What’s your go-to resource for when you’re having trouble in your marriage?

Personally, I have to admit – whenever I have an issue with my husband, I end up Googling/Pinterest searching for tips on how to cope with it.  I like hearing about what other people have done to get through whatever problem I’m facing.

That being said, I realize every single time that the place I need to start is with prayer.  After all, God knows my situation and he knows both myself and my husband better than anyone – and definitely better than anyone I can find online.

The best thing about prayer is that it doesn’t have to be saved for dire circumstances.  You can use prayer every single day to strengthen your marriage, before you even necessarily see a weakness in it.

These are by far the most powerful ways you can pray for your marriage.

10 Powerful Ways To Pray For Your Marriage

Pray for each other’s dreams.

Supporting each other’s goals and dreams, to their face and in your prayers, is a great way to feel closer to one another.  Everyone needs a cheerleader, and when that cheerleader is your #1 partner in life, it’s that much more powerful.

Pray to understand one another more fully.

There are so, so many opportunities for each of you to misunderstand each other, which can lead to unnecessary arguments and unpleasantness.  By praying to better understand one another, God can give you the wisdom you need to connect with each other better.

Pray about your sexual relationship.

I know this sounds weird, and I thought the same thing when I first heard this concept, but it absolutely makes sense.  If God created your sexuality as a good thing to connect with one another (and, you know, procreate), then He is absolutely going to be willing to help with whatever you and your husband are struggling with in your sexual relationship.

Pray to personally be a better spouse.

A better marriage has to start somewhere, and by praying to be more of the wife your husband needs, you can be the one to start the process.

Pray to forgive one another quickly.

Again, misunderstandings happen in marriage – and honestly, every relationship you have.  Pray to be able to forgive each other as quickly as possible so you can move on in happiness.

Pray for one another’s spiritual relationship.

Pray for one another to do the things they need to become closer to God through prayer, scripture study, and generally having as many opportunities as possible to learn about their Father in Heaven.

Pray for one another’s relationship with your kids.

Your relationship with your kids is so precious, and can be strained by the demands of everyday life.  Pray for the help you each need to have a happier, more fulfilled relationship with each of your kids.

Pray to have fresh eyes for each other every day.

Try to start each day like it’s the first day you’ve ever been married to your husband.  Pray for the eyes to see him in a new way, rather than seeing him through the filter of the mistakes he made yesterday (or the day before… or before that… you get the picture!)

Pray for one another’s hearts (and your own!) to be guarded.

There are so many things in the world that threaten to tear you down, both as individuals and as a couple.  Pray for your hearts to be protected from those influences 

Pray to recognize and get rid of bad influences in your marriage.

Discerning the things that could potentially become a threat to your marriage is really important.  God has the ability to see the full picture, not the limited scope you can see.  That means praying for him to help you see past today and into what things could affect you and your husband in the future.


Praying for your marriage every day is the most powerful habit you can get into if you want a better marriage, and these are definitely the best prayers to pray for your marriage!

I love this! It's so important to pray for your marriage and these are definitely unique and POWERFUL ideas for how to do so. Printing this off for sure.


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