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If you’re not a police wife, it’s hard to know how to help those who are.  Here are super-specific prayers you can pray for police wives in your life that will help with the things they struggle with most!

Police wives are some of the toughest wives around.

They’re the ones who attend 90% of events alone or with kids in tow.

They’re the ones who fret about their husband’s safety at work all day, every day.

They’re tough as nails, but still tender to the needs of others, especially when it comes to their kiddos.

Maybe you’re friends with a police wife.  Maybe you’re related to one.  No matter the case, you probably see a sliver of how much she does and you want to help… but how?

One of the simplest and most effective way to help other police wives is to include them in your prayers.  Here’s a list of the top ways to pray for police wives that will absolutely have the biggest impact on their lives.

10 Helpful Ways To Pray For Police Wives

Pray for their strength.

As mentioned, police wives carry a heavy load.  They have way more than their share of responsibilities, and they need all the strength they can get to do so!

Pray for them to have the strength they need to carry themselves, their children, and their husband through everyday life.  Pray that they’ll have the mental stamina they need to withstand everything on their plate without losing their minds.

Pray for them to get some rest.

With all their responsibilities, it can be a tall order for police wives to slow down enough to take care of themselves.  Even just a solid nap can be hard to come by, and yet it can be the thing that prepares them for another shift (or two, or three…) of solo parenting with grace and wisdom.

Pray that they’ll be able to carve out the time they need to be by themselves, to feel peace, and recenter themselves before delving back into the chaos of their life.

Pray for their wisdom.

Police wife life comes with a lot of curveballs, from cancelled plans to inconsistent shifts.  Police wives need wisdom and discernment to navigate the curveballs with grace, especially as they help support their husbands and children through it.

Pray for them to have the wisdom to know that God has His hand in every curveball.  Pray that they can take a deep breath, readjust, and know how best to move forward – for everyone!

Pray for their patience.

With the heavy responsibility they carry, patience with others can be hard to come by – whether it’s patience with a testy husband after a hard shift, patience with kids who are, well, kids, or with themselves as they learn and grow as women of God.

Pray that they’ll be assisted as they grow in their patience, that they’ll know how to respond to others lovingly, even when they’re feeling emotionally maxed out.  Pray, again, that they’ll also get the rest they need to be patient with others!

Pray for their faith.

Police wife life is a lot easier with a strong faith: in God, in His timing, in His protection, in His plan, in everything.  Having a strong foundation of faith in God will help the trials of life not feel so heavy.

Pray that in every trial, they will see God’s hand.  Pray that they can learn more about God and His goodness so that the scary times don’t feel so scary.  Pray for them to learn more about who they are in God’s eyes so that they’ll know He will never let them down.

Pray for their marriage.

Law enforcement puts a heavy toll on a marriage, and it’s important to keep it strong.  A strong marriage means a happier wife.  It means a more focused officer.  It means happier kids who know Mom and Dad are their safe, united place to land.

The importance of a strong marriage can’t be overstated.

Pray that they’ll get the time they need with their spouse.  Pray for effective communication between husband and wife.  Pray for them to build their faith individually and as a couple so that they can be unified in raising their families in a God-centered way.

Pray for them as moms.

Solo parenting is not an easy gig.  They need all the wisdom and patience they can muster to raise kids the way they need to be raised – and to not be overwhelmed, miserable moms who yell all the time.

Not pointing fingers, just speaking from experience here!

Pray for them to see their children as just that – children.  Not enemies who are trying to make everything harder on them.  Because when you’re waist-deep in the muck of sick kids, Terrible Twos, and every other stage motherhood can throw at you, kids can start to look like the enemy.

Help them to find peace as moms, to find their joy in raising their children even in the times that are hard.

Pray for their discernment to know what’s important and what’s not when it comes to the battles they fight every day.  Because they can only choose to fight so many, help them choose the ones that matter most and let the rest go.

Pray for her husband.

The top thing police wives worry about most is their husband.  Is he safe?  Is he going through something?

Especially when he won’t or can’t talk about his day, it hurts her heart.

Pray for God to look after her husband’s safety.  As he faces danger, ask that he’ll be able to rely on his training to make the right decisions.  Pray that he can go home to her at the end of the night.

Pray that he can see his wife as the precious woman she is.  Ask for God to help him can see all the sacrifices his wonderful wife makes that make life easier for him – that make him sure things are solid on the homefront while he’s off fighting evil.

Pray that he’ll give her grace, even when he’s dealing with his own stuff – because without her, life would be so, so much harder.

Pray for them to see the good in the world.

It can be hard to see the good in the world when your husband is surrounded by so much of the bad.  It’s easy to get jaded if you’re not careful.

Pray for her to know that even with the evil in the world, good still exists.  Ask for her to see God’s hand in all things, even – no, especially – in the worst things the world has to offer.

The bonus here is that by helping her not get jaded, you can also help her keep her husband afloat.

Pray to know what you can do to help.

God can do so much to help police wives, but when it comes down to it, His only hands on earth are yours.  If you want to help the police wife in your life, use your prayers to take action!

One of my favorite quotes is, “Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work.”  It totally applies here, too!

Pray to know what you can do to brighten her day – whether she needs a listening ear, a friend to bring her to lunch, a break from her kids, or a small gift left on her doorstep to let her know she’s not alone.  It doesn’t actually take much to turn someone’s whole day around.

But if you want to help her, pray to know how you can help her best.


Police wives deal with a lot, but they don’t have to deal with it alone.  Keeping them in your prayers is an incredible way to help keep them afloat.


These are great ways to pray for police wives! All much needed and super sweet.


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