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This list of police wife quotes is just the thing to give you perspective when you’re having a tough day – make sure to write them down!

As an avid art journaler, I’m constantly on the lookout for inspirational quotes.

I love writing them down in pretty letters on my weekly spreads so I can enjoy looking at them throughout the week.  I always enjoy it.

When there’s one I really want to “imprint” on myself, I sometimes even make it my phone background so I see it every time I pick up my phone.

There’s just something awesome about learning from the wisdom of others.  It helps solidify the lessons you’re learning in a tough time of life.  It gives you hope that there are better things to come.

And maybe most importantly, when someone says something that resonates with you deeply, it makes you feel like you’re not so alone.

Nicely phrased quotes might seem silly, but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Whether you have an art journal like me or you’re more of a bullet journaler – or you’re just in search of some wisdom, these police wife quotes will definitely help you out!

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8 Police Wife Quotes To Lift You Up When You’re Feeling Down

  1. “If they are brave enough to suit up, you have to be brave enough to let them.” -Elizabeth Shiftwell, humanizingthebadge.com
  2. “Part of being a police spouse is creating a safe haven for them to come home to when the world is full of chaos.” – Blue Blood Sisters
  3. “He is more than just a number on a badge.  He has a name, he has a family, and he has his own dreams and aspirations.  He fights battles no other date approach.  He has a goal to come home safely every day.  He is loved.  He is honored.  He is respected, and the best part, he is mine, and I am his.” -Allison P. Uribe, excerpt from Cuffs and Coffee
  4. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28
  5. “Trust that God has equipped you with all the tools you need right now, and that through His plan for you, you’ll develop everything else you need when the time comes.” -Leah Everly, excerpt from The Proverbs 31 Police Wife
  6. “I don’t love eating dinner alone, celebrating Thanksgiving on a Tuesday, having to constantly change our plans, sitting with my back towards the door, or falling asleep and waking up alone, but I love my officer and that makes it all worth it.” Cote Ann, Ammo and Grace
  7. “Loving a policeman is one of those… always frustrating, not as romantic as it sounds, don’t get it unless you’ve lived it, indescribably perfect kinds of love.” -South Florida LEO Wives
  8. “We sleep alone so others can sleep safe.” -No attribution (aka, many have said this!)

Now that you’ve read all those quotes, do you mind if I just add one last thing?

I don’t know what led you here today, but I hope you leave here knowing you are absolutely not alone.  You’ve go/t a thin blue line family who’s got your six.

Hang in there, sister – you’ve got this!

And if you need extra encouragement, stick around for a bit.  Browse through this blog – I’d love to help you out!


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