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There are lots of common police wife problems everyone married to a LEO faces. Here are the best solutions to those problems!

Even though police wife life comes with a lot of problems sometimes, there’s one bright side to those issues: you’re not alone.

The fact is, police wives face many of the same issues as one another. That means there’s a whole host of women who can 100% commiserate with pretty much anything you’re going through.  Yay!

As a result, there are lots of resources available for dealing with whatever’s eating at you right now.

How To Cope With The 10 Most Common Police Wife Problems


Being a police wife comes with a lot of alone time.  You can’t reliably spend time with your husband, especially if he’s on night shifts and especially if you also work outside the home.

And even when he is around, it’s not uncommon for him to be a little more aloof than you’d prefer, whether it’s just the normal stress or something big that went down when he was at work.  Or hey, just sleeping, because he might have worked the last 24 hours straight.

The point is, you just never know what to expect, and it can make for a lonely life if you’re not proactive about things.


Whether it’s fear for your husband’s safety, fear for your own when you have to be home alone at night, or general fear of the unknown, there’s lots of fear to go around in this life.  Overcoming that is a matter of changing your mindset, and the posts below can help with that a lot.

  • How To Cope With The War On Cops as a Police Wife:  The war on cops is incredibly hard to deal with when someone you love is in law enforcement.  It hits way too close to home.  This post is all about how to keep your head above water in these hard times.
  • 4 Good Reasons To Carry A Gun (And One Reason Not To):  Being prepared to defend yourself when your husband isn’t around can go a long way toward helping you feel more confident when you have to be alone.  It might not be for you, but this post gives you some things to think about when you’re deciding whether to carry a firearm or not.
  • 4 Hidden Blessings of the Fear of Police Wife Life:  Even though it sucks to feel afraid for your husband (and for yourself, and your family, and so on…), there are a few things good things that can actually come from it!
  • Dealing With Fear As A Police Wife:  This post is all about keeping the right perspective when the panic of police wife life feels overwhelming.
  • What You Need To Remember When The World Hates Your Husband: This is a post all about one of my favorite law enforcement-related scriptures.  Actually – one of my favorites over all!  But it’s very applicable to the current attitude toward law enforcement.


I think jealousy comes into place most when we’re talking about female partners and so-called “badge bunnies”, but it’s not uncommon to be jealous of the job itself, too.  Whatever the case, these posts can help.

Marital Issues

Okay, admittedly some of the other “top issues” inform this issue, but it’s enough for its own section.  The thing is, you spend so much time apart and in different worlds that it’s easy to become disconnected from one another.  These resources are all about improving your marital bond.

  • How To Have An Amazing Sex Life as a Police Couple:  Don’t underestimate the importance of sex in your marriage!  It’s more than just physical, and neglecting it can have a huge impact on the quality of your marriage.
  • 7 Reasons to Stay Married When You Feel Like Letting GoEveryone has those moments – really, truly.  It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you for thinking that way.  Nonetheless, here’s 7 reasons to keep your marriage together even if your husband or his job is driving you batty.
  • The Top 7 Must-Read Books for Police Wives:  These books are all great for helping you understand your husband better.  And, of course, he can read them to understand what you go through, too!  But they’re all extremely helpful.
  • 10 Fun Apps To Help You Connect When You Can’t Be Together:  Technology can be a great thing for your marriage when you use it correctly.  These are all apps that you can play with your husband without having to organize times together or anything – just play them when you have time individually 🙂
  • 24 Open When Letter Ideas for Police Officers: Writing a set of these is a great way to get you feeling warm and fuzzy about your husband.  And of course, when he opens them, he gets to feel the same way about you.  Regardless of the occasion, Open When letters are a great way to make your bond even better.
  • 40 Ways To Be An Awesome Wife:  Wondering how to be a better wife for your husband?  I mean, maybe you’re thinking, “He should be better for me”, and I get that.  But the best place to start making a change in your marriage is with yourself.  This list isn’t even all that labor-intensive, but these small things can make a huge impact


Unfortunately, with your husband’s job, there isn’t really any rhyme or reason to what shifts he works.  I mean, he might be scheduled for a particular shift, but he stays late.  Or maybe he has a day off, but he gets called in.  Or maybe there’s mandatory training at the worst possible time, even though he’s already worked a ton prior to it.

It sucks, but it’s just a fact of police wife life you have to make do with.  These posts can help you have a better mindset when your plans have to change.

  • 3 Things To Remember When Your Husband Cancels Again: First thing: when your plans get cancelled, it’s easy to take it personally and whine and complain the rest of the night.  This post can help reset you into the right frame of mind.
  • How To Bounce Back From Ruined Plans as a Police Wife:  This is a great post when it comes to preparing yourself for ruined plans in advance.  And hey, even though I know it’s not what you want to prepare for, knowing how you’re going to do things in advance is the best way to deal with it.

Solo Parenting

Even though it’s hard when it’s just the two of you, things get a little stickier when kiddos come into play.

Holidays Alone

I suppose this kind of goes along with loneliness in general, but I think holidays really heighten that feeling.  Some adjustments have to be made to have a happy holiday season, but as with anything else, it’s something you can totally adapt to!

Tight Budgets

Police officers aren’t really known for being well-paid.  Whether you work as well or stay at home, the tightness of your budget can really put a strain on your individual stress levels and your marriage.  Fortunately, there are lots of solutions out there to release the pressure a little.

Supporting Your Husband

As a police wife (well, as a wife in general), part of your job is to support him when he’s at home.  It’s not always an easy task for someone who tends to be closed-off and stoic, but there are still things you can do to help.


With all the above issues, it’s easy to get super overwhelmed.  These posts are all about taking the pressure off yourself and improving your own mental state.


Seriously, no matter what police wife problems you’re facing right now, I hope this helps!

Yes! So many police wife problems. Lol. This is so helpful! Especially if you're new.


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