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Showing off your pride as a law enforcement wife is easy with these beautiful pieces of police wife jewelry.  Best of all, they’re all under $100 (most well under.)  Win!

One nice thing about being a police wife is all the special jewelry options you can find.  Seriously, there are LOTS of amazing accessories and thin blue line clothing options out there to show off your pride in your officer!

I’ve compiled a list of the best police wife jewelry I could find on the web, and I seriously love every single piece.  So whether you’re looking for a bracelet you can wear every day or a special necklace to wear to your husband’s police graduation, you’re probably going to find something you like here.

I’ve included links to each piece for your convenience, and I’ve also noted if there are different options available for any of them.  I didn’t include prices because I know they’re often subject to change, but they’re all under $100 – but MOST of them are actually under $50.  Some are way less than that, even – so they’re all seriously affordable.

Many of them are also handmade from people running small businesses, which just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I love supporting businesses I believe in – which is also why you’ll see a few pieces from Thin Blue Line USA, because they have consistently great quality and donate lots of money to law enforcement-related charities.  I love them!

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The Most Beautiful and Affordable Police Wife Jewelry


The best police wife jewelry available - these are just the necklaces!

The list below starts at the top left of the image and goes clockwise 🙂

  • Customizeable Blue Line Bar Necklace (also available in sterling, 14k gold fill, or rose gold fill) – this one is my personal favorite.  It’s so classy and subtle, and perfect for everyday wear.  And it has the most options for metal types, so if you’re not into silver/white gold jewelry (or you’re just in love with rose gold), this one is for you.
  • Customizeable Badge Necklace (16″ and 18″ chain options) – Super cute!  I love the adorable tiny heart on it, and the customization option makes it the perfect way to show your officer some love.
  • Thin Blue Line Heart Necklace (available in sterling or gold fill, lots of different chain lengths, and blue or red line) – I know there’s that joke in The Office about how women would never buy themselves heart-shaped jewelry, but I’d totally buy this one for myself.  It’s gorgeous!
  • Handcuff Necklace – This one is fun for everyday wear, though you could totally pair it with one of the blue dresses from this post and have an awesome formal outfit, too.
  • Customizeable Thin Blue Line Heart Necklace – Along the same lines as the other heart necklace, but this one is a little “cuter”, especially with the font used for the badge number.  I love that it can be customized for you and your officer!


The best police wife jewelry available - these are just the bracelets!

From top left clockwise:

  • Police Wife Charm Bracelet: I have a very similar bracelet I wear a lot, actually.  I love how simple it is, and how I can wear it with casual or more formal outfits.
  • Chunky Chain Police Wife Bracelet: This one is my personal favorite of the bracelets! I love chunky bracelets like this 🙂  I have a similar one somewhere but I lost track of it in our last move.  So sad.
  • Layered Police Wife Bracelet: This one is perfect for everyday wear.  It’s cute and chunky and says what you stand for, loud and proud.  It’s a little different style than the rest, but I like it a lot!
  • Thin Blue Line Bangle – Just a simple expression of your support for law enforcement.  Again, this one could be worn for casual or dressy occasions.  What can I say, I love versatility.


The best police wife jewelry available - these are just the rings!

From top left clockwise:


The best police wife jewelry available - these are just the earrings!From top left clockwise:

  • Created Blue Sapphire Drop Earrings: I love sapphires, especially pear-shaped ones (swoon!), and these earrings are beautiful.  No, they’re not explicitly police-themed, but the color is right and they’re just too gorgeous not to include.
  • Dainty Police Badge Earrings: These are so simple and pretty! They make a nice statement without being too “out there”.  Or pair them with the sapphire drop earrings if you have double pierced ears – just an idea 🙂
  • Thin Blue Line Heart Earrings: I love the thin blue line flag design on these, and they’re from Thin Blue Line USA, so there’s no doubt the quality is ah-mazing.  I tend to like stud-type earrings better, but I think these are just adorable.
  • Upcycled Bullet Earrings: Aren’t these super cute? I love that they’re made from upcycled bullets. Environmentally friendly and a super cool nod to your husband’s career.


Seriously, there are so many amazing options out there for jewelry for police wives! I LOVE and would wear every single thing on this list, personally – and I hope you like them, too 🙂

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LOVE THESE! I was looking for a necklace to wear to hubby's academy graduation and I found the perfect one... plus a few other things that are now on my wishlist, lol ;)


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