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If you’re in search of police themed baby gifts for an upcoming baby shower, this list is about to make your life wayyy easier (and possibly make your ovaries hurt!)

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are suddenly babies everywhere?

It could just be that I’m in my mid-twenties, so I just naturally see them more.  It could be because A is getting out of the “tiny squish” stage and into the “little boy” stage, and I’m starting to get some serious baby fever.  It could be because I live in Utah.  Who knows?

In any case, I thought it was time I put all my baby product research to good use.  While I tend to lean toward homemade gifts for baby showers (for both sentimental reasons and budgetary constraints), I’ve found lots of police themed baby gifts through sources like Amazon and Pinterest that have me just dying.

I mean, a ton.

So whatever your budget, whatever your relationship to the parents-to-be, there’s bound to be an idea in here for you! (you’re welcome!)

Super Cute Police Themed Baby Gifts For Soon-To-Be LEO Parents


Police Rubber Ducks

How cute are these?  Every kid needs a rubber duck or two.  But fair warning, I’d definitely advise putting hot glue in the hole to seal it.  Sure, it won’t squeak anymore, but it also won’t get mold in it.  Yuck!

You can get these law enforcement rubber ducks here.



Combi Police Car Walker/Jumper

I think this police car walker is just the cutest.  It might be my favorite thing on the entire list.

There’s also a pink one available for baby girls! 

You can get this police car walker here.



Fisher Price Lights and Sounds Police Car

Funny enough, I think my little one would STILL go nuts for this toy.  It has wheels, a zebra (I think?), and it’s shiny and noisy.

That’s really all you need with a baby 😉

You can get this adorable toy police car here.



Police Badge Baby Rattle Teether

I’m a sucker for natural wood toys, and this adorable police badge rattle is no exception.  It’s also great for a teething baby to chew on!

Plus, I love that it can be customized to your department for no additional charge.

This police badge rattle is available from TimberWolfConcepts on Etsy.


Stuffed German Shepherd Toy

How cute is this little German shepherd?  And honestly, kids (or at least mine) can’t really have enough stuffed animals.

This would be especially cute for the child of a K9 officer!

You can get this adorable German shepherd here.





My First Counting Book – Police

We found this one at our local library, and I liked it a lot!  It’s an engaging way to teach the numbers 1-10.  And even before he was at the stage he could learn that, he liked looking at the pictures 🙂

You can buy My First Counting Book – Police here.




Richard Scarry’s Day at the Police Station

Richard Scarry books are some of my husband’s favorites – they remind him of his own childhood.

This one’s a great way to help introduce kids to what their LEO parent does all day/night at work.

You can get A Day At The Police Station here.




I’m Afraid Your Teddy Is In Trouble Today

For full disclosure, I’ve never actually read this one – but I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews about it, especially from police families.

It’s all about a mischevous teddy bear whose antics (as per the description on Amazon) remind me VERY much of my 3-year-old.

It’s definitely on our wishlist and would be a great option for any police-themed baby shower!

You can get I’m Afraid Your Teddy Is In Trouble Today here.


Stop Thief!

This is absolutely one of my favorite books we’ve ever gotten for our little guy.  It’s an adorable story of a little boy who thinks he’s too big for his stuffed pig toy, but then when it gets stolen he goes on a pretty epic adventure to get it back.

You can (and totally should) get Stop Thief! here.






Daddy’s Best Backup Onesie, $15 from Little Canyon Farmhouse


This onesie is ridiculously adorable.  Plus, the seller can write “mommy” instead of “daddy” by request!

You can get this onesie from Little Canyon Farmhouse on Etsy.





9 Months on the Inside Onesie, $15 from Palmetto Kids Tees


I have to say, if you’re getting a gift for a correction/parole officer, this would be hilarious.

You can get it here from Palmetto Kids Tees on Etsy.





I’ve Got Your Six T-Shirt, $15 from Modern Chic Kids

This one just melts my heart, especially on that pigtailed model.  Like the others, the seller of this shirt can print “daddy” instead of “mommy” if requested.

You can get this shirt from Modern Chic Kids on Etsy.




Thin Blue Line Baby Leggings

These are so cute, and a great (and comfortable!)way to help baby show support for law enforcement 😉

You can get these leggings here.





Thin Blue Line Headband


I don’t have a baby girl, but cute headbands like this one make me want one next time!

You can get this headband from Blue Line Swag on Etsy.




Police Hat and Diaper Cover, $35 from Knot Your Granny’s Square

This is a great hat and diaper cover set for newborn photographs.  She also has a sparkly set for baby girls in her shop, and you can select whether you prefer a gold or a silver badge.

You can get this super cute set from Knot Your Granny’s Square on Etsy.




Police-Themed Bibs, $9.99 each or $24.99 for a set of 3 from Fire Wife Fashions

So.  Darn.  Cute.  This is another thing you really can’t have enough of with babies.  I remember washing countless bibs when my little one was first starting solids.

You can get this bib from Fire Wife Fashions on Etsy.



Custom Burp Rags, $28 for a set of 3 from Lightin Bug Kreations

Babies spit up… a lot.  So just like bibs, it’s nice to have a ton of burp rags.  And these ones are just adorable!

They’re also customizeable, which makes them even better for gift giving 🙂

You can get these custom burp rags from Lightning Bug Kreations on Etsy.



Born to Be Blue Print, $5 from Always Yesterday

This is such a pretty print.  It’d be great for a boy or girl’s nursery!

You can get this print from Always Yesterday on Etsy.





My Hero Lives Here Print, $10 from Sugar Pickle Designs

Police Themed Baby Gifts - Hero Nursery Print

How darn cute is this?  I just love it. 

The seller has both “mommy” and “daddy” versions available, too.

You can get this print from Sugar Pickle Designs on Etsy.




Custom Police-Themed Piggy Bank, $35 from BubbieRed

Police Themed Baby Gifts - Piggy Bank

This is such a fun way to commemorate all those birth stats.  Plus, my son loves his piggy bank: if I give him a roll of pennies, he’ll easily spend an hour putting them in the slot. That means down time for mom, plus fine motor skill practice.  Win!

You can get this custom piggy bank from BubbieRed on Etsy.



Quilted Police Car and Badge Baby Blanket

Police Themed Baby Quilt

How gorgeous is this quilt?  It’s listed as for baby boys, but I’d totally use it for a girl, too.

This police baby blanket is available here.






Like I said, there are LOTS of options to help a baby in a law enforcement family show off their blue line pride!

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