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Searching for challenge coins to add to your officer’s collection?  Here are some awesome options for police challenge coins!

I didn’t really understand the concept of challenge coins at first.

I mean, I hadn’t really even heard of them before my husband (then boyfriend) showed me his small collection. My first thought was, “Cool!  How did you get them?”

He said some were from his dad, and some he bought.

What?  I assumed there was a challenge involved in the acquisition.

I still don’t necessarily understand the name, but in any case, I think they’re really cool.  Not only are they a great way to commemorate accomplishments, but they’re also durable and long lasting, so they can be passed down (like the ones my husband received from his dad’s miltary challenge coin collection.)

If you’re looking for police challenge coins to help build (or start!) your officer’s collection, these are a few awesome options! 

Police Challenge Coins

Armor of God Coin

My husband loves the scriptures that refer to putting on the armor of God.  They’ve always spoken so strongly to him, and it’s become more relevant as he’s become an adult and had more occasions in which the armor of God was necessary.

This challenge coin is an excellent reminder of that scripture.

You can get this one from Thin Blue Line USA (hint: use the code LOVEBLUES15 for 15% off!)

Saint Michael Coin

Maybe your husband connects more with Saint Michael, the patron saint of police officers.  This is a beautiful coin to commemorate just that!

This one is also from Thin Blue Line USA.


Deputy Sheriff Coin

If you’re married to a deputy, this might be just the ticket.  It incorporates the thin blue line, plus the classic “blessed are the peacekeepers” scripture, and has the sheriff star prominently displayed.

This is another coin by Thin Blue Line USA.


K9 Challenge Coin

How cool is this one?  This coin is a must have for any K9 officer in your life.

You can find this coin on Amazon.



Captain America Challenge Coin

This one might be my favorite of the whole list.  It’s such a creative challenge coin.  I know an officer who LOVES Marvel comcs and would go nuts to have this in his collection!

This coin is available on Amazon.


Thin Blue Line Challenge Coin

I love the thin blue line/american flag on this challenge coin.  It’s so beautiful and meaningful!  It would be especially great for someone who does/has done both military and law enforcement service.

You can find this coin on Amazon.



“Justice Hunts The Wicked” Challenge Coin

I think this one is so cool!  I love the phrases on both sides, especially the “justice hunts the wicked as death hunts the dying”.  This might be especially cool for a homicide detective.

This challenge coin can be found on Amazon.


Valley of the Shadow of Death Challenge Coin

Here’s my personal favorite law enforcement scripture – on a coin!  This might be my next purchase for my husband’s collection.

You can find this coin on Amazon.



Sheepdogs Challenge Coin

This one is definitely geared toward K9 officers, but I love that it’s tied into a qute about the sheepdogs, since that’s a popular metaphor for all of law enforcement.

I know there’s already a K9 coin on this list, but who doesn’t love K9s?  That’s right, no one. I mean, maybe if you’re allergic to them, but even then you probably admire from a distance instead!

This coin is also available on Amazon.


I love how many options there are for police challenge coins!  This post is honestly just the tip of the iceberg – there’s so many out there that, whatever your husband enjoys most, you can fdnd one that will speak to him.

And if you don’t already have a way to store them, check out the links below 😉


If you find any other cool ones, feel free to let me know about them in the comments!

These are awesome police challenge coins to celebrate any occasion - police academy graduation, promotion.. whatever!


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