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So you’ve got a new police officer in the family – congratulations!  Here’s a complete guide to throwing the best police academy graduation party possible.

Can you believe it?  Your officer is almost done with the academy.  Yay!

After the weeks (or months) of crazy hard work and stress, you’ve both finally made it.  You’re at the finish line – and, ya know, at the very beginning!

It’s such an incredibly exciting time, and it deserves a proper shindig to celebrate how far your officer has come and encourage them as they transition to the FTO period.

So I’m here to take some of the stress out of your party planning with a complete guide to throwing the best police academy graduation party possible.

How To Throw The Best Police Academy Graduation Party Ever


  • 14 Simple Party Sliders: IMO, sliders are the best party food, ever.  They’re crazy easy to put together, but seem impressive. And with 14 ideas, you’re sure to find something your party guests will love!
  • 35 Party Finger Food Ideas: Fill in the rest of your meal with stuff from here, or just grab a veggie tray or chips and call it a day.  It’s totally up to you and what you think your guests will like most!
  • Naturally, you can also just order some pizza and be good to go, too.  It all depends on what work you want to put into this area – sometimes less is more!


  • I’ve become somewhat notorious for bringing cake balls to everything.  They’re super easy and so, so delicious – you can find the recipe here: Thin Blue Line Cake Balls
  • You could use this police-themed chocolate mold to make either things to go on a cake or cupcakes, or just as candy to enjoy on its own!
  • Side note on the food: you could do some tongue-in-cheek food stuff, like rock candy in small ziploc baggies – but it depends on your sense of humor, of course!
  • I almost forgot – donuts! Because, why not?
  • I will say you can find a lot of cute law enforcement-themed cookies on Pinterest, but to be honest?  They look really intimidating to me.  I’d personally stick to something that doesn’t require so much skill – but if you’re a big cookie decorator (or just enjoy living dangerously), this badge cookie cutter would be simple enough to decorate!



  • Want to put together a photo booth?  Here’s a mugshot backdrop and themed props that would be super cute!
  • You can use these mini thin blue line flags in your yard, in snack bowls, throughout your house, for kids to play with… whatever!  It comes with 50, so you’ll have plenty.
  • Use this awesome guest book to keep track of who came and their well wishes!  It’ll make a great keepsake 🙂
  • Get prints of pictures taken of him in the academy or pictures of you together, or whatever special pictures you have, and put them up as a conversation piece – because nothing gets the party started faster than a picture of your hubby getting pepper sprayed.   I just started using FreePrints and it’s actually awesome (and legit – the only catch on the free is you pay shipping, you have a limited number of free ones per month, and you can only get one free 4×6 of each picture, but for this purpose it’s fantastic.)
  • Police themed confetti!  It’s cute enough to be worth the cleanup 🙂


Honestly, I’m usually a fan of keeping it simple when it comes to this stuff – I like to eat and chat, and that’s it.  But if you’re a fan of having games around or if you’ll have kids at the party (especially for the latter), these are great choices!

  • Try a fun variation on dizzy bat racing – dizzy field sobriety testing 😉  It’ll be good practice for your officer.  Just make sure to video tape the whole thing.  You know, for posterity.
  • Make an obstacle course with these plastic traffic cones.
  • This pin the badge on the police officer game is perfect for the kiddos (or kids at heart ;))
  • Back to cookies – you could also make plain police-themed cookies and have frosting/candy for kiddos to use to decorate their own!


I have a ton of gift ideas, actually – so I’ll just link to all of them here!


I’m so, so excited for you and your officer! Enjoy yourselves, and come back regularly for help and inspiration for living the best police life possible 🙂

These are awesome police academy graduation party ideas!! So excited for my officer.


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