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Want to make police week awesome for the most important officer in your life?  Here are 5 ideas for how to make it happen!

Police appreciation week is awesome.  It’s great to see others wanting to show love for your officer (you know, appropriately.)  And all the demonstrations for police officers, especially fallen officers, is awesome and heartwarming, even if you can’t make it to the “big one” in DC.

But what’s even more awesome?  You live with a police officer who relies on you pretty heavily for encouragement.  This week, this week is your time to really shine.

Because amid all the gifts and well-wishes from those around, this is a week where you can do something special to show him how much you admire him.  I mean, I’m sure he gets it in big and small ways each day, but this week you can get a little more creative.

If you do it right, it can be kind of like a private Valentine’s Day – just with black and blue, not red and pink.

Or maybe not, that’s a little much.

In any case – if you want to do something for your officer, here’s a list of ideas to get you started 🙂

How To Make Police Week Awesome For Your Officer


I mean, no need to go crazy overboard or anything.  But something special, whether it’s homemade and sentimental or a small fun tactical gift or something else you just know he’d love, getting him a gift to commemorate another police appreciation week is bound to make his day.

The other fun part about the present can be the delivery: sneak it into his patrol car, leave it next to his bed before you fall asleep, or bring it by his department and embarrass him a little.

Write him a letter.

Write him a heartfelt card or letter to let him know how proud you are of him and his service.  This will go especially far if your husband’s love language is words of affirmation, but I don’t think there’s anybody who doesn’t appreciate someone expressing how proud they are of them!

Bonus points if you go all-out and write a bunch of Open When letters!  Whether he’s a seasoned police officer or a new recruit, they’re a super-sweet way to make sure he knows he’s always on your mind.

Make something cute with the kids.

What’s more fun than something sweet from the kids?  Not much.

Kids’ crafts are cute, easy to make, and always special.

Plus, it’s kind of nice to not have the pressure to make it “perfect” since this is definitely something where the thought counts more than anything else.  Especially if your kids are anything like mine and hate structured arts and crafts.

Need ideas?  This post is actually for Father’s Day gifts, but it’s just as applicable to other occasions if you’re feeling stuck!  Otherwise, peruse Pinterest for something you KNOW your officer would like.

Plan a special date “night”.

I put night in quotey marks because, well, your husband’s schedule might not be conducive to a traditional dinner date.  That’s okay!  There are plenty of other things you can do.

Regardless of his schedule, you can totally plan a special date with him!  Keep it simple with something like a candlelit meal, even if it’s pancakes and bacon for breakfast before he crashes for the day, or check out this post for low-planning, low-commitment date ideas perfectly suited to law enforcement couples.

Bake a police-themed treat.

This can be as simple as tossing some blue M&Ms in with a batch of chocolate chip cookies, dipping pretzels in blue chocolate coating, or whipping up a batch of thin blue line cake balls.

If you’re really good at baking, you could always try your hand at some fancy police themed sugar cookies!  If you do that, totally post a picture and tag me @lovebluesblog because I have to see – I’m always a little jealous of those who are good at baking 😉

Bonus: Something for you!

Lady, you’ve got a ton on your plate.  Go ahead and make police week awesome for your love, then go get yourself a manicure or something!  You deserve it.  He couldn’t do this without you!

Regardless of what you choose, I know your officer will love that you thought of him this Police Week!

How are you going to celebrate police week with your officer?


Make police week awesome for the most important officer in your life ;)


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