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Sometimes, my husband has days that just straight-up suck.

Granted, we all have those.  I have those.  But his sucky days always seem just a little suckier than my own. (How many times can I use the word “suck”?)

Seriously, though.  I might complain that our son would not. stop. throwing. tantrums. all day long, but when he gets home and has gotten into a fight with someone high on drugs or seen something he really, truly wishes he hadn’t, that pretty much takes the cake.

I can’t tell you how much I admire him (and his fellow officers) for the sacrifices they make.  I’m glad they’re willing and able to do the things I’m not.

So for police appreciation week, what better way to say thank you than with a little humor?

When I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I saw these and they made me smile… so I thought they just might make the officers in my husband’s department smile, too!


While I liked the idea of the vase, I really wanted each sucker to have its own message.  So with a little trial and error, I managed to create some lollipop wraps I liked.


I cut the squares out (there are nice guide lines on the printables that make it easy to cut it straight – you’re welcome!), then taped them on the suckers. Easy peasy.

I made three different colors on the offchance there are any fire/EMS readers of this blog – that way you can borrow the idea for them, as well!  Not that it wouldn’t have worked in just the blue, but hey.  Why not?


Here’s a completed one for each color.  Now, you definitely don’t have to coordinate the color of the sucker to the color of the font at the bottom, I just did it for these ones – they looked fancier that way 🙂

I intended to take a picture of them all together before I dropped them off, but I didn’t. Oops! Trust me when I say they turned out really cute.  And the officers loved them 🙂

Sure, they’re nothing big, but sometimes just that little word of encouragement is all we need to make it through our days!

On to the printables so you can make your own.  Click the preview for the one you want to go to a printable PDF version. If you want to just make a few, or you need a few more, go ahead and right click the preview, save the file, and insert it into a word document to print as many as you need.

Police-suckers EMT-suckers Fire-suckers

These are hilarious! I'm totally going to make these for my husband's department. Lol!


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