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The ability to speak Spanish is super useful, especially for police officers.  Here’s the perfect guide to learn Spanish quickly as a law enforcement family!

Have you ever wanted to speak Spanish?  It’s actually my personal New Year’s resolution this year – I mean, I don’t have it as precisely laid out and specific as I’d usually make my resolutions, but it’s something I’d like to do.

Fun fact about me, I just enjoy languages.  I think they’re fascinating – I actually know a decent amount of German, a little Japanese, and now I’d like to dabble in Spanish since there are so many opportunities around me to practice.  I’m very excited about it.

But in any case, the ability to speak Spanish is incredibly useful nowadays.  So many people in the US now speak Spanish, and regardless how you feel about it, being able to communicate with other people is an asset.

And as a police officer, it’s even more important to be able to communicate with other people in the language they speak best, whether they are the victim or the offender.  Either way, you want as few language and communication barriers as possible, right?

So if you’re interested in learning Spanish, here’s the best way to learn Spanish quickly – and best of all, you can use these tools to involve your whole family!

How To Learn Spanish Quickly As A Law Enforcement Family

Fluent Forever

I learned of this method when I saw the ads for backing the app on Indiegogo, and it seemed super interesting.  Learn a new language in 6 months?  No way.

Because I was so curious, though, I put the book on hold at the library, read it, and LOVED it.

 Honestly, I think it’s one of the best methods for anyone to learn a language.  It uses flashcards and “strategized timing” that allows you time to almost forget the word, then when you remember it it sticks that much more.

That’s my layman way of explaining it, anyway 😉

It also starts you out with pronunciation, so you don’t sound like such a gringo if you’re trying to learn Spanish (or whatever the equivalent would be in another language).  It’s nice to start off learning the words the way they’re meant to be said.

The biggest benefit to this method is it doesn’t rely on translation.  It helps you associate foreign words with what they mean without the tedium of thinking, “Well, what is that in English again?”  That means the words stick in your mind waaayy better.

The method laid out in the book can be a little tedious, though.  I mean, you’re either making flashcards from scratch on the Anki software or using paper flashcards, so it can take a lot of time.  I was a backer for the app, and as such, I super recommend the app.  It’s a lot faster!  And for about $8 a month, it’s not a huge investment. 

On the other hand, if you want to learn a language as inexpensively as possible, just get the book or check it out from the library and do it the way he lays it out there.  It’s totally up to you and your priorities.

You can check out the entire method here 🙂


I came across these a few months ago and I think they’re awesome!  We own both Use German At Home and Use Japanese At Home because I loved the idea, but my son just wasn’t into it.  When he’s older, he might be, but until then, they’re still a fun language resource.

On the other hand, if you have kids who want to join you in your language-learning efforts, these are AMAZING.  They help immerse your whole family in the language you’re trying to learn, which means you can actually learn to speak the language and not just random basic words like colors and shapes.

The books are a fairly affordable way to start, but for full immersion, their TalkBoxes are awesome.  Full disclosure, I haven’t bought a TalkBox because, like I said, it would have been too big a fight with my son and it wasn’t worth it.

But the books I bought came with a sample, and based on that – gosh, I wish my son was into it.

They’re themed boxes with laminated cards you can put around the house and useful phrases to use in relation to the theme.  Plus, they come with audio from native speakers so you know how it’s actually supposed to be pronounced!

Best of all, they have tons of different languages available, so even if Spanish isn’t your goal, you can look into one of these:

If you think this is right for your family, you can get $15 off your first TalkBox when you bundle it with your book if you use the coupon: REFMLYXOQQVVU (sorry it’s so long, I’d shorten it if I could – haha!)

Spanish On Patrol

Now we get into the absolute best program for your officer – Spanish On Patrol.

For $99, you can choose the course that’s best for your officer – whether he’s law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, a park ranger, or they even have EMS/fire if he’s a jack of all trades 😉

The biggest benefit to this program is that it covers everything you’ll realistically need to know on the job.  For instance, it includes slang, cuss words, and threats (because gosh, it’s useful to know if someone is threatening you and how.)

Because honestly, on the job, your husband isn’t going to need how to order stuff from a restaurant correctly.  He needs to be able to de-escelate situations, understand the other person and their cultural differences, know exactly what the situation is that they’re walking into, and be able to reassure victims that they’re there to help.

Plus, it’s fully online, so he can do it whenever he has some free time.

And… talk about a great way to secure promotions in the future! 😉

If you/your officer aren’t so sure about this program, you should know they have a free demo and a 14-day money back guarantee.

You can check out Spanish On Patrol here to see if it’s right for you!


Regardless of why you’re learning a foreign language, these methods are super useful!  I hope that helps 🙂

Love this!  This is totally my goal this year, so if I can learn Spanish quickly maybe I'll actually accomplish my goal this year.  Hahah.  And even better if my hubby can get a better job ;)



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