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If you’re a police wife with a baby on the way and you’re not sure on a name yet, be sure to check out these law enforcement baby names for ideas!

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of a baby name nerd.

I LOVE checking out name meanings and popularity on Behind The Name and Our Baby Namer.  They’re probably my most-visited websites when I’m pregnant because I love playing with different name possibilities!

So because I have no baby to name right now (she’s 4 months old and already named!), I figured I’d put my nerdiness to work for you and compile a list of great names for law enforcement couples.

The criteria was either Irish, names that mean strong/brave/warrior, or names with other associations, pop culture or otherwise.

10 Strong Law Enforcement Baby Names For Police Couples

For Boys


Who could have a list of law enforcement baby names without including Wyatt – as in, Wyatt Earp?  So not only does it have a good namesake, it’s also a cute name for a little boy.


This is an Irish name that means warrior.  It’s unique, but also easy to pronounce (which isn’t always a given with Irish names!)


This is one of my all-time favorite boy’s names!  It unfortunately got nixed by my husband, but I love the way it sounds, and I love the bible story of Gideon.

I mean, the name means “destroyer” which will be kind of a funny irony when they get to be about 3 years old, but still.  Super cute!


I love the name Victor after watching Parenthood a few times through.  My son also has a friend named Victor, so the name has definitely grown on me over the years!

But it’s a great law enforcement baby name because it means, well, victor or conquerer!

Of course, the female version, Victoria, could also be used for a girl instead 🙂


This name has gotten super popular lately, but for good reason.  It’s adorable for a baby boy, but also respectable for a grown man.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t use it – I thought there would be too much confusion if my hubby called for “Leah” or “Liam”.

In any case, it also has Irish origins and means “strong-willed warrior”.


For Girls


Aoife (pronounced EE-fa) is a warrior princess in Irish legend, and the name means “beauty”.

I love the nod to a strong Irish woman – perfect for a girl destined to be part of a law enforcement family!


This might be kind of a guilty pleasure name, because it literally means sky blue.  But what a great reference to the thin blue line – even if just used as a middle name!


I mean, I can’t really complete the girls’ name list without a nod to the patriarch of Blue Bloods… Plus, it’s just a cute name for a little girl!

While we’re at it, that show is kind of a treasure trove of cute names.  Jamie?  Eddie (maybe short for Edith, rather than Edit – but up to you!)


I know my mind goes to the Roald Dahl right away when I hear this name, but how cute would it be with nickname Mattie?

In any case, this name means “might”, “power”, or “battle”.


Along the same lines as Victor, this name means “to be strong”.  It’s another great “virtue” name for a girl in a law enforcement family!


This totally isn’t an exhaustive list, but should hopefully get your creative juices flowing (without ending up with a name that’s too creative.

You know the type.

Whatever name you choose, you and your husband are going to love your new addition so much!  I’m so excited for you 🙂  Be sure to check out the related posts at the bottom of this post for more advice on adding to your family.

And because I’m a huge fan of babies and baby names – feel free to leave a comment with whatever name you end up going with and why 🙂


These are suuuper cute law enforcement baby names - and all real names, no silly misspellings or made up ones!


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