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Most of the time, my husband says he actually loves to wear his ring.  Even though it’s scratched and a little beaten up, he loves being reminded of me throughout the day (swoon, right?)

But most of the time when he worked in the jail, he wouldn’t wear it.  He refused to.

It used to hurt my feelings a little – I mean, if he loves wearing it so much, what’s the big deal?  I thought maybe it wasn’t important to him – and that sometimes made me feel a little unimportant, too.

It took a while to realize it wasn’t personal and had a lot more to do with, well, the fact that he was a LEO, and it’s just another one of the quirks of the job.

And when he explained his reasons, they actually made a lot of sense.

Why Your Husband Won’t Wear His Ring At Work

He’s worried about it getting in the way.

My husband is an excellent shooter.  Seriously.  If I had to trust anyone to shoot anything for me, it’d be him.

So when he talks about the fact that his metal ring can affect his aim, it sounds a little ridiculous – but I absolutely trust him.

Especially when I consider the fact that he spends so much time working on improving his draw/fire time, I can understand how anything that might slow you down even slightly can be a big deal.

His wedding ring also doesn’t fit very well, because the joints on his fingers are wider than where the ring sits.  That makes his metal ring even more of a liability.


He doesn’t want it to get damaged.

Because my husband isn’t exactly delicate with his hands, he always worried his wedding ring would get damaged.  Sure, it’s already pretty banged up (which is exactly what I expected when we bought it), but he didn’t want it to get totally ruined.

He also didn’t want to risk having an accident that would require cutting the ring off.  And, of course, he’s heard rumors that the type of metal in his ring can’t be cut off – but I hear those are just rumors.  Hopefully.

Nonetheless, he’s not exactly a risk-taker when it comes to his fingers, either 🙂 


It’s just not comfortable.

Here’s the other thing.  Sometimes a metal ring just isn’t all that comfortable, especially when you’re using your hands a lot – which police officers tend to.

And considering how often he’s in uncomfortable/frustrating situations in general, it’s worth it to have one less uncomfortable thing to worry about.


One way to overcome all of these issues is with an alternative wedding band.

With that in mind, Love and Blues has partnered with QALO this week for a giveaway, and I’m super excited about it! GIVEAWAY CLOSED

The creators searched everywhere for a metal ring that would work for their active lifestyles, and found nothing that worked – so they came up with silicone wedding rings.  They’re comfortable, high-quality, and won’t get in the way, no matter what you’re doing.

Honestly, they’re awesome.  They’re made of medical-grade silicone, so you don’t have to be too concerned you or your husband will be allergic to them – which is great if either of you has avoided wearing a metal ring because you don’t want to break in a rash (and I don’t blame you.)

QALO is also a proud supporter of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which means they’re a company you can feel good about supporting in return 🙂

My husband loves his.  Even though it’s still a little big, the silicone keeps the ring from spinning around and irritating him.  In fact, he pretty much forgets it’s there.

Because it’s nice and flexible, he’s not worried about his ability to shoot while wearing it – which is honestly the biggest reason he didn’t like wearing his ring on duty.

Another plus side is if it gets damaged, it’s much cheaper to replace (but so far, so good.)

I love mine, too.  My wedding ring might be relegated to special occasions only, because I love how comfortable my QALO rings are.  And my son loves the fact that I can’t accidentally scratch him with them 🙂

You can shop QALO rings here.

But back to the giveaway: The winner will receive a set of rings from QALO (up to $50 value!).  And seriously – you and your husband will love them. GIVEAWAY CLOSED



Awesome idea! I need to look into an alternative/silicon wedding ring because I think I'm becoming allergic to mine :( sad day.


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