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Are you in search of a house? Make sure you check out this amazing program that helps with home loans for police officers!

This post is sponsored by Honor the Brave.  All opinions are my own.

We’ve been hoping to buy a house for the past few years.  It hasn’t happened yet, but – someday!

Of course, the plus side of how long it’s taken is that I’ve learned a lot about the process, including the incentives we can take advantage of when the time comes.

One I’ve come across recently that really helps with home loans for police officers is Honor The Brave.  It is seriously an amazing program that every law enforcement family needs to know about!

I don’t know whether you already own a house and are thinking of moving.  Maybe you’re in an apartment and just sick to death of renting.  Maybe this is still super far in the future and you’re just flirting with the idea.

In any case, you’re still going to want to learn about this program for when the time comes!

What You Should Know About The Honor The Brave Program And How It Helps With Home Loans For Police Officers

How did it get started?

Zanna and Jeff Wolfgang started the Honor The Brave program in 2016 after a devastating on-the-job injury ended Jeff’s law enforcement career.

Jeff still had the desire to help his blue line brothers and sisters, but wasn’t sure how.  That’s when they came up with the idea of combining her real estate experience and that desire by giving back to those who serve.

It started as just something they did in their local real estate practice, but they started dreaming bigger.  They wanted the benefits of Honor The Brave to be more accessible to first responders and military members across the country.

Honor The Brave is now a nationwide program, and only continues to grow!

How do the Brave Benefits work?

So when you buy or sell a home, your agent receives a commission. Honor The Brave-affiliated agents give back 10% of that commission to you as a thank you for your service.

That means if you bought a house at the median home price on the US of $320,000, you would receive $960 back.

Awesome, right?  It’s a super helpful chunk of change that can allow you to pay off some bills, get some new furniture, or whatever else you might want for your new home.

In addition, you get to choose a first responder or military aligned charity, and they’ll donate 5% of the commission to that charity – so the power of the program goes even further.

Going back to the last example, if you bought that house for $320,000, your charity of choice would get $480.

P.S. Need ideas for what charity you might want to donate to?  Check out this list of the best police charities.

In addition, they also present to you a special veteran made wooden wall flag – either the American flag, the thin blue line, or thin red line – upon closing.  They are gorgeous, and a great reminder of how appreciated your service is.

Who qualifies for the Honor The Brave program?

Anyone who is active or former law enforcement, fire, or military qualifies for the Honor the Brave program.

Are there any restrictions on the homes that qualify for Honor The Brave?

Nope!  Any home you can buy or sell qualifies for the program, when working with an Honor The Brave Partner. 

This makes it stand out from other programs like the Good Neighbor Next Door program, which only works for homes in largely less desirable neighborhoods.

That being said, even homes that qualify through Good Neighbor Next Door qualify for the benefits of Honor The Brave.  So if you choose to go that route, you get all the benefits!

What matters more than the specific house you choose is that your agent is affiliated with the program, which means it’s a good idea to get in touch with them before you start your home search. 

How can I start working with Honor The Brave?

The best way to get started is by contacting Jeff and Zanna through the main Honor The Brave website.

They’ll start by chatting with you about your goals, then put you in touch with the agent in your area they feel can help you best.

If you’re at all unsure about the home buying process, it’s an amazing thing to have people on your side from the get-go!

I’m in real estate.  How can I become an Honor The Brave agent?

Easy! Just reach out via their “join” form and they can give you all the information you need to get started bringing these benefits to your market. 

How can you support the mission?

If you’re not in the market for buying or selling a house, you can still support the Honor the Brave mission by purchasing Honor the Brave gear – which not only helps provide funding, but helps spread the word.

In addition, you can simply tell all your friends about it to help grow the program! Whether they’re friends who can take advantage of the benefits or real estate affiliated friends who can help deliver the benefits, the more people know about it, the more impact the program can have.


As a personal note, I just have to add that Jeff and Zanna are some of the most incredibly sweet, authentic people I’ve ever dealt with.  They care deeply about serving the law enforcement community.

They even have their personal cell phone numbers on the webpage and routinely let people know they’re available to chat, even if it’s not about real estate.


Seriously, make sure you check out Honor the Brave and support Jeff and Zanna’s mission.  They are hands-down the best resource for law enforcement families to buy or sell houses!


You can read more about Jeff and Zanna’s journey on Law Enforcement Today, or watch the videos below to learn more:





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This is an amazing program that totally helps with home loans for police officers!


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