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So, after my post yesterday, I was contacted concerning Groupon Coupons… which I’ll confess, I had never heard of before.

But they’re actually pretty cool!  You can use them for dates, like I talked about yesterday (since they have coupons for activities, restaurants, that kind of thing), but they appear that they’d mostly be great to use for everyday expenses like housewares or clothes and shoes.

For example, they have a coupon right now for 50% Forever 21 and 15% off Famous Footware (which is good to know, since the hubs could use some new running shoes).  And they have a few for JC Penney, which is my favorite store.

And then as far as housewares, they have a ton of different coupons/offers for places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

If you’re looking to save on more high-dollar expenses like vacations, they have offers for Travelocity, too.

Anyway, I realize this is a sponsored post.  But I decided to take the opportunity to share this with you because I thought it was pretty cool, plus, hey! When you’re living on a budget, it’s great to find ways to stretch your dollar (and/or find ways to justify purchases, because… I’ve been known to do that too :))

But what’s really cool about it is it doesn’t take a lot of extra work to save that money (unlike regular coupon clipping, which, as I’ve mentioned before, I loathe.)

Have you ever used Groupon Coupons?

This is such a great new way to use Groupon to save money on everyday purchases!



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