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If God made you a police wife, it was for a reason  That means you can know He has your back. Here’s how to better rely on Him and be the happiest police wife ever.

I know you’ve seen it before: the slogans that say, “God made strong women police wives.”

Maybe that encourages you and you totally identify with that, that you’re a strong woman and you’ve totally got this.

On the other hand, maybe it kind of intimidates you.  Maybe it makes you question why the heck the love of your life had to be a police officer, of all things.  Couldn’t he be something simple, like an accountant?  Maybe even something that makes a little more money, like your friend’s engineer husband?

As proud as you are of him, this life isn’t easy – for anyone.  Anyone who makes it look easy, well, that’s just appearances.

The fact is, you’re in this life.  You married this man.  Your life is what it is, and it’s the life God has given to you.  Fortunately, that means you can rely on His power to get you through – and here’s how to do it.

God Made You A Police Wife: 5 Ways To Make The Most Of That

Trust His plan for you.

Do you truly believe you’re where you are for a reason?

I know life can take a lot of twists and turns.  He has all sorts of lessons He wants to teach us, and most of them don’t make sense until after the fact.  Because of that, trusting His plan for you can take a lot of work – even (maybe especially) when it comes to being a police wife.

Maybe dinner and long nights alone aren’t the fairy tale you dreamed about as a little girl.  I don’t think it’s a common fantasy!  But the fact that your life looks so different from what you might have expected (even if you thought you were fully prepared to be a police wife) might leave you questioning whether where you are really is part of His plan or not, or if it’s just some sort of weird detour.

Nothing that happens to you in life is by accident.  Every minute detail is being watched over by God, and He can make it all work together for your good.

So do me a favor: look around you, right this minute.  Stop reading (you know, in a second) and take it in.

Right here, right now, it’s exactly where God intends you to be.

Is it where He intends you to stay?  Probably not.  The point of pretty much everything that happens to us is to help us grow in some way.  The situation right now isn’t the end of your story.

Trust Him enough to let your plans go and know that He’s got your best interest at heart.

Trust His plan for your husband.

As hard as it can be to trust that God made you a police wife for a reason, it can sometimes be hard to trust that He also called your husband to law enforcement for his own reasons.

I get it: it’s kind of like how people can talk all the crap they want about you, but the minute it becomes about your husband or kids, the claws come out.  You want to protect your husband from any harm.

Especially if your husband has been harmed in the line of duty one way or another, it might leave you questioning whether or not He actually has his back.

First of all, that’s okay.  It’s okay to wonder and question the workings of God.  It’s normal.

The key is to do so in a way that brings you closer to Him, not further away.  Ask in faith about His plan for your husband.  Ask for His protection.  Ask for a deeper understanding of His love for both of you, and let it bring you comfort.

Trust that no matter what happens, there’s more to this life.  Any injustice or tragedy that could happen here won’t end here – it can and will be made right someday, even if it wouldn’t be soon enough.  Even the unimaginable can be made less scary when you consider His promises for the faithful.

Most of all, realize that God actually loves your husband more than you do.  He knows every single awful thing he’s thought or seen, every mistake he’s ever made, everything.  He loves your husband because He considers him His child, as well.

The fear that comes with police wife life isn’t easy to manage, but it’s completely doable through Him.

Pray often.

Prayer is the most powerful tool in your spiritual arsenal.

Seriously, God has given you the opportunity to talk to Him – anytime, anywhere.  You can tell him about everything, because it’s not like anything is a secret to Him.  Nothing is shocking or surprising, since He is fully aware of everything you’ve ever done and everything that’s ever happened in your life.

You can do pray out loud or silently.  You can even write it out if that’s more comfortable.  It can be as long or as short a prayer as you need it to be.

The versatility of prayer is one of the things that makes it so awesome, but really, to be able to access God – the greatest power in the universe – in such a simple way?  It’s not something to take for granted.

Make sure to regularly carve out time to talk to God about what’s going on in your life.  Tell Him what you’re grateful for, what you’re scared of, what you need help with, what those you love need help with, what you need in your marriage, questions about what He needs from you, questions about His word, everything.  He is there for literally anything you could ever need, in a better way than any friend in the world could be.

My favorite way to pray is when I’m in the car all by myself.  Obviously, it used to happen more before I had kids, but it’s still such a special experience when it happens now.  I just turn the music off and talk to Him like I’m on the phone with a friend, and by the end of the car ride, I feel so much more centered and at peace.

The best thing about talking to God about your problems is that He can keep it completely confidential as needed.  You don’t have to worry He’s going to gossip about you to His friends, because that’s just not His way of doing things.

Also, He can’t and won’t lie to you.  He’ll tell you the truth about any question you ask – which can be scary, of course, but it means you can trust His answers completely.

The only caveat there is to make sure you ask the right questions.  You know how lawyers ask questions that provoke the responses the want, not necessarily the entire truth of the situation?  I get it, it’s strategic.  It’s great if you’re in court and have that job to do – but not so great if you’re really seeking His guidance.

Don’t ask “leading” questions of God, like asking how you should do a certain thing versus whether you should do it at all.  Like a woman I know who asked God if it was okay to marry a younger man prior to her marriage – but didn’t ask whether she was marrying the right man.  She’s reflected on that since her divorce, thinking she knew what she wanted and didn’t want to hear otherwise.

If you ask the wrong questions, you’ll get answers, but they won’t be the ones you need most – so be careful of that.

All in all, though, praying is the most powerful, most simple thing you can do every day.

Get familiar with the scriptures.

In addition to prayer, this is a powerful thing you can do daily that really doesn’t have to take much time.  You don’t need to spend hours a day poring over the Bible to receive the benefits of studying His word – you just have to do a little bit consistently.

For me, that means reading a chapter a day.  I’ll admit, it’s not always the most intensive study in the world.  Sometimes it’s a simple read-over because I want to keep my commitment to doing so, but sometimes it is a more in-depth look at what the passage means and how it applies to my life.

Regardless, I always feel so much better when I do it!  And, conversely, I feel super out of sorts when I forget or make the excuse that I’m too tired/the day was too busy/whatever.

Honestly, in the day and age where you can have access the scriptures anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, there isn’t much of an excuse not to.  Technology makes it so darn convenient, which means a lot of your excuses just don’t hold up.  I’m sorry, it can be a blessing and a curse for sure 🙂

But in all seriousness, the scriptures are God’s love letter to us.  They can help us understand Him better, which can help us find more peace in our own lives and in His plan for us.

Redefine blessings.

God is always good.  God always wants what’s best for you, because you’re His child.  So why does it sometimes feel like that’s not the case?

What this comes down to is redefining what it means for Him to bless you.  Sometimes the good stuff is an obvious blessing, and that’s great!  Sometimes the hard stuff is going to be a blessing in disguise – a blessing bigger than the most obvious blessings He could give you.

That means that if you’re really struggling to get a handle on night shifts right now, He means for good to come out of it.  Maybe He’s giving you the opportunity to pursue your own goals and hobbies.  Maybe He’s trying to help you learn to be more independent for the future, especially if He’s preparing you for motherhood as a police wife.  Whatever the case, you can know it’ll ultimately be for your good.

I’m not saying God will never bless you with the good stuff.  He’s not like that!  But He definitely works in mysterious ways sometimes, ways that can take a while (sometimes a lifetime) to fully understand.  Don’t forget about that when you’re going through the hard stuff.


If you’re interested in reading more on this topic, my devotional, The Proverbs 31 Police wife will be coming out later this month! There’s a whole chapter devoted what God’s blessings really look like specifically, but the entire book is an amazing resource for helping you better team up with God as a police wife.  You can sign up for the waitlist here so you don’t have to obsessively check Amazon over the next few weeks 😉

God made strong women police wives - and God made you a police wife, so that says something! I love this post so much. All about how to team up with God and make the most of a hard life.


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