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Whether you’re super crafty or not, you’ll be able to whip up these awesome DIY gift ideas for police officers on your Christmas list this year!

I’m a big fan of DIY gifts.  I love the extra meaningfulness that comes from making them yourself, and I love the cost-savings that’s usually associated with them.

But when you go to Pinterest to find ideas for DIY gifts for police officers, it’s slim pickings.  So I went ahead and compiled all the best ideas I could find for police officers in this post!  

While DIY gifts can be super complicated and time-consuming, the ideas on this list are NOT.  They’re easy, inexpensive, and super meaningful – all the things I like best about DIY gifts.

And that also means you can probably whip these babies out before Christmas this year, even if it’s only 3 weeks away.

13 Surprisingly Simple DIY Gift Ideas for Police Officers

String Art

I LOVE this idea!  Not only is it simple and inexpensive, it’s also easy to create a pattern your husband will love.

Some ideas:

  • A badge
  • A gun
  • The American flag or United States with a thin blue line design (the basic idea for the United States pattern is here!)

Or you could do something completely not law enforcement related at all – whatever you think he’d like most!

The best directions I found were here: DIY String Art by Honey and Birch


Donut Cufflinks

I saw this tutorial on how to make clay donuts from Fimo dough a few weeks ago and thought it would be an AWESOME way to make some fun novelty gifts for police officers.  You can make just one and attach it to a paperclip as shown to make a fun bookmark if you’d like to keep it simple (maybe even pair it with a book he’s been wanting.)

But the idea I had in mind was buying a set of plain cufflinks and glue these cute donuts to the top. Cute, right?

The donuts themselves are surprisingly simple to make, and just require a few materials you can find at any local craft store.

Thin Blue Line Chocolates

With candy melts and a little creativity, you can make some fun Thin Blue Line-themed treats.

Some ideas:

But seriously, you can come up with lots of fun, delicious treats for your officer if you get creative!


Hand Warmers

Especially in the winter, some hand warmers would be super welcomed by your officer.  Sure, these are microwaveable versus the “instant heat” ones, but if he can stop by a 7-11 and borrow their microwave, he can heat these up fast.

Best of all, you can customize them with whatever fabric he’ll like most – whether that’s law enforcement related, a super hero, his favorite color, whatever.

You can find step-by-step directions for these hand warmers here.

Masculine Bath Bombs

After a long, hard day (or night), I don’t think there’s anybody who doesn’t appreciate a nice bath.  And if you’re making them at home, they’re easy to make a little more masculine!  Just use “manly-smelling” essential oils when you make them.

Some ideas:

You could even just choose a Christmasy blend to help him get in the holiday spirit a little more – which can be a challenge when you’re dealing with the bad stuff 365 days a year.  And if you need more suggestions, the experts at Plant Therapy are super awesome and responsive.

And you can get essential oils elsewhere, but I love Plant Therapy for their high-quality oils, good prices, and free shipping on everything – so if you don’t already have a great source, I’d definitely recommend them!

As far as the bath bombs themselves, the easiest instructions I found for how to make bath bombs are at The Beauty Bar Online.


LEO Scriptures

If you’re not particularly crafty but still want the personalized touch of a DIY gift, buy a pocket bible (for better portability) and highlight some inspirational scriptures just for your officer.  The small book will be easy to keep in his patrol car without taking up a ton of space, and it’ll be readily available if he’s in need of spiritual connection.

Here’s a list of law enforcement related scriptures to get you started, but feel free to highlight whatever would speak to your officer most!  You might choose to highlight in different colors to separate topics or highlight all in the same color, whatever.  Whatever you think would be most useful to him.


Customized Mug

Old vintage books and cup with heart shape on wooden table

Sure, your officer might be on the road a lot, but when he gets home, a mug of hot chocolate or coffee is super welcome – am I right?

There are lots of tutorials on the web, but I thought this one was the best – it tells you how to make painted mugs that won’t wash away.  Because nobody wants to see their hard work washed down the drain!


Bacon Jam

Tell me this doesn’t look amazing?  Bacon, good.  Jam, good.  Bacon and jam together?  GOOD. (If you got the Friends reference, kudos!)

You can guarantee this is a Christmas present that won’t go to waste.

The Blackberry Babe has super easy-to-follow directions for how to make bacon jam here.


Hollow book

I don’t know about you, but my husband loves secret hiding spots.  Some day, he’d love to have a home with a secret room.  You know, the kind with the bookshelf as a door.

Until then, this secret book “safe” is a fun (and cheap!) alternative.  Plus, you could fill it with his favorite candy to make it an extra-awesome present.

DIY Inspired has great instructions for how to hollow out a book.


Word Art Sign

If your husband has a favorite quote or scripture (or you have one in mind for him), this is a great way to make something he can enjoy seeing every day.  And the sky’s really the limit here!

Don’t worry if you’re not crazy artistic, because I found a tutorial that teaches how to easily transfer words to the wood to make them look professional.  You’re welcome!


Open When Letters

If you love sentimental gifts (and ones that can be enjoyed over time), a set of “open when” letters is a great idea.  If you’re in need of writing prompts, check out my ideas for law enforcement officers in general and for those in the academy if that’s where your husband is right now!


Thin Blue Line Ornament

I love these!  They’re such a fun way to show support for your husband (and/or those in his department!) – and in my opinion, the more ornaments on the tree, the better 🙂

Mommy Octopus has instructions for how to make these thin blue line ornaments here.


Cocktail In A Jar

These are such a fun, easy idea – and again, one that won’t go to waste!  Best of all, they’re so quick to make you could even make some for friends or others in the department, too.

You can find instructions on how to make these mason jar cocktails here.


Whatever you choose, I’m sure your husband will love it!

And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed at the idea of DIY-ing a gift this year, check out this list of awesome gift ideas for police officers that require absolutely NO craftiness 🙂  I’ve got you covered one way or another.

These are GREAT DIY gift ideas for police officers... seriously! I love DIY gifts and couldn't find any I liked for my officer husband. I want to try all these!

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