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Date nights are super important, but they can be hard to plan when one of you has a demanding schedule.  Here’s how to date your husband, even if you have no time!

I’m not sure what your resolution is this year, but if it’s to spend more time with your husband, you’re probably finding it kind of challenging as a police wife, am I right?

No matter what is standing in your way, here are some tips on how to date your husband, even if you don’t have the time you wish you had.

How To Date Your Husband When You Have No Time

Keep it simple.

Maybe one of the barriers to planning date night with your husband is your own internal expectation of what a date night looks like.  Maybe you think it needs to be something elaborately planned and super fun – but that really doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s okay for you to have simple date nights.  You don’t even necessarily need to leave your home to have a fun date night.

By lowering your standards a little for what a “proper” date night looks like, you’re more likely to actually do something – anything! – that will make your marriage just that much better.

Make the most of the little things.

Do you have a 5 minute window where you can meet up with your husband for a quick kiss, hug, and maybe bringing him a drink or something?  Take advantage of that window!

Even if all you can do to connect with your husband is leave notes for each other, even if that’s not a “real” date night, it’s still a small effort you can put in that will help him feel special (and vice versa.)

Seriously, part of dating your spouse is just doing little things consistently, rather than doing big things regularly.

Plan flexible dates.

I know it’s a huge bummer when your husband has to cancel again.  I get it!  Or even if he just has to be late and it ruins part of your date night plans.  It’s no fun at all.

As often as possible, plan dates that are inherently flexible.

If you’re not sure what kinds of dates to plan that are flexible, you can check out a whole list of low-commitment date ideas here!

Have multiple plans in place.

If you have a more structured type date planned, to prevent being totally disappointed, make sure you have a backup plan in place that you can look forward to.

That might mean a strategy to reschedule your structured date.  Maybe it’s one of the flexible date ideas you thought about above.  Maybe you have more than one backup plan – like plans A through D.

Whatever you need to do to make sure date night happens and you’re not left totally disappointed, make that happen.

Make your time work for you.

Date night doesn’t actually have to be at night.  Is your husband currently on night shifts?

Maybe your date nights are actually better suited to the early morning hours.  Maybe they’ll consist of eating breakfast together (at home or at a restaurant) or watching the sunrise.

Whatever your schedule looks like, do what you can with the time you’ve got.

Focus on what meets each of your needs.

Do you know you and your husband’s love languages?  If not, it’s totally worth finding out.  There’s a free assessment you can take in just a few minutes, and I promise, it’ll change everything about how you and your husband relate to one another.

When you plan your dates around your individual love languages, it can help you make the most of the time you have together by specifically meeting your needs.

There’s a good chance you and your husband have different love languages, and that’s okay.  If you’re super creative, maybe you can plan a date that meets both needs.  Maybe you just have to switch off.

However you do it, being intentional about meeting your deepest needs will help you make the most of your date nights.


Your marriage is the most valuable thing you have – so make sure you’re spending the time on it that it needs!

I mean you hear all the time how important it is to never stop dating your spouse but omg, try to date your husband when he's got a crazy schedule? No fun. Great tips!!


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