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Dating your spouse when he’s a police officer can get tricky.  These are hands-down the best date ideas for police couples!

Struggling to plan a date night with your officer?  I get it.  It’s hard to plan date night as a police couple (especially once kids come along, yeesh.)

But… it’s important.  Gosh, it’s so important to having a bulletproof law enforcement marriage.

You and your husband need time together to break up the normal routine.  Events you can look forward to to get you through the mundane and frustrating stuff.  Time to just enjoy each other’s company again without focusing on normal life stuff.

With your husband’s schedule, it gets super complicated.  If you try to plan something extravagant, there’s a good chance he’ll get held up with a last-minute traffic stop that turns into a huge drug bust or something.  I get it.

The best way I know of to deal with this super frustrating aspect of police wife life is planning mostly low-key date nights – ones that don’t need a lot of planning, and can be changed at a moment’s notice without being completely ruined.

Should you still plan big stuff now and then?  Totally!  But if you only have a date with your husband when you can do something super special and intricately planned, you’re going to have a lot fewer date nights together.

If you keep it simple most of the time instead, you’re much more likely to actually spend the time hanging out together.

The ideas listed will help you do just that!

Tip: A lot of these can be used regardless of the shift your husband works – just change up a few of the details and you’ll be good to go, morning or night.  Take advantage of whatever time you have together!

Date Ideas for Police Couples

Have a game night.

This can be as simple as pulling out a deck of cards and playing War, or you can make it more extravagant by pulling out several board games for a night-long tournament (or committing to a game of Monopoly – play at your own risk.)  My personal favorites are Settlers of Catan, UNO, and the Oregon Trail board game.

Have an at-home movie night.

This is a super low-commitment date night that, again, can be as simple or as complex as you’d like.  We usually choose a movie that’s available with one of our streaming subscriptions, but if we want to see a newer movie, we usually go through Amazon.  My must-haves are a bowl of popcorn and a box of Dots, but do whatever you need to make it special for you!

Build a fort.

Who doesn’t love building forts?  It’s definitely not just for kids.  Get creative, make an awesome fort, and spend the afternoon (or morning, or evening) snuggled up reading, snacking, daydreaming, playing games, or, you know, *cough* whatever you want to do.

Watch YouTube.

There are lots of ridiculous videos on YouTube, no matter what you’re into.  Spend some time binge-watching whatever you’re both into: funny cats, people falling, whatever.  No judgment here.

It’s basically an at-home movie night, just less romantic sounding 😉

Try to break a record.

Are you and your husband the competitive types?  Look up Guinness world records and choose one to try to break.  Even if you don’t actually succeed, trying is bound to be a fun experience together.

Have a spa night.

This one can be as simple as lighting a few candles, dimming the lights, and swapping back massages, or you can go all-out – especially if you have access to a jacuzzi tub or hot tub.  Some champagne (or even 2-Buck-Chuck) helps, too!

Have a candlelit meal.

Whether the meal you get to have with your husband is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can make it extra special by putting out a table cloth, nice dishes, and some candles.  Get dressed up if you want (even if he can’t), but changing up even the mundane stuff can help make it more special.

Star/cloud gaze.

I love how small I feel when I look up at the sky, and as an adult, I don’t necessarily take the time to lay down and enjoy the peacefulness of it.  Whether you snuggle up during the day or at night, lying in the grass or in the car, this is a super simple date night to pull together.  Apps like SkyGuide can be useful for stargazing too!

Participate in a private YouTube dance class.

YouTube is a great resource for time-wasting videos, but there’s also a lot of good information on there.  While committing to an in-person class isn’t really feasible, you can pull up a YouTube video any time and learn to salsa or waltz or whatever.  Plus, you don’t have to dance in public – major bonus in my opinion 🙂

Have a picnic.

Again, you can plan a picnic for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – and, in fact, doing it for an unusual meal can be even more fun.  You could have breakfast and watch the sunset, or have a late-night dessert picnic and stargaze at the same time… the possibilities are endless.

Play video games together.

Your husband might already be a pro at this one (or you, whichever!) but pick a fun game to play together and have a fun competition.  My favorites are old-school ones like Mario or Pac-Man, but Mario Kart is good too.  There are endless possibilities!

Camp out.

Whether you set up camp indoors or outdoors, snuggling in a tent (or a fort!) is fun, especially if you pair it with special camp foods like foil-pack meals or s’mores.  Don’t let bad weather eliminate this option for you: you can adjust everything to be indoors.

Have a Chopped challenge.

Are you and your husband really into cooking?  Challenge each other to make meals from random ingredients in your pantry.  Who knows, you might end up with something delicious?  And if you don’t, you can laugh about the ridiculous things you cook up.

Have a Nailed It! challenge

Have you ever seen Nailed It! on Netflix?  If not, it’s basically people who can’t bake attempting to recreate fancy cakes from the pros.  To do this, find a crazy cake idea on Pinterest and try to make it together (and have a solid sense of humor!)

Enjoy something seasonal.

Whether you enjoy playing in the snow, carving pumpkins, decorating the Christmas tree, dyeing Easter eggs, or whatever else is seasonally appropriate for you right now, getting into the holiday spirit together can be a blast.

Go for a walk.

If the weather is nice (or even if it’s not!), a nice walk together can be super romantic.  It gives you a chance to slow down, plus you get the bonus endorphins from the exercise.

Try a new restaurant.

Okay, this requires a little more commitment, but as long as you choose a restaurant that doesn’t require reservations and allows the option of to-go boxes, you can totally pull it off.  

Go thrifting.

I love hitting up thrift stores with my husband and seeing what treasures we can find.  We usually scour the book section, but there are lots of things you can do.  You could even try to find gifts for each other under a certain dollar amount, or get inspired for a new craft project to do together.

Go on a Netflix binge.

Is there a show you and your husband both want to watch (or re-watch) on Netflix/Hulu?  Set aside some time to have a marathon together.  The trick, though, is to have the discipline necessary to not watch it when your spouse isn’t there 😉

Have a meal in bed.

I would suggest “breakfast in bed:”, but again – that may not be the meal you have together.  Making whatever meal you have together a special event makes for a good date!


Whatever it takes to make date night happen for the two of you, do it!  I promise, it will be time well spent in the long run 🙂


These are awesome date ideas for police couples! Super flexible and won't be ruined if his shift changes ;) Police wives, it's a must read!


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