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I’m totally jealous of my husband sometimes.

I mean, sure, he has to shave his face every day.  That’s a bummer.  But I feel a lot less bad for him when I spend like 15 minutes shaving my entire body plus plucking my eyebrows.  Arguably, those things aren’t necessities – but I sure look and feel a lot more pulled together when I do.

Also, breastfeeding?  Don’t get me started.

But one thing I feel he has way easier than me is concealed carrying.

He really doesn’t have to adjust his clothes at all to carry a firearm.  Sometimes he needs to buy a size up in the waistband of pants to fit an in-waistband holster, but that’s nothing.  And his looser clothes hide lumps and bumps far better. Which is an advantage for other things than firearms, of course, but let’s stick to the topic.

For me?  It’s super hard.

I mean, the great thing about being a woman is you have so many choices of clothes.  You don’t have to just wear jeans or pants.  You can wear leggings, skirts, dresses, shorts – but most of those options are hard to concealed carry with.

Not to mention the fact that I loathe jeans shopping as it is, let alone trying to work around a pistol.

Now, with that in mind, concealed carry purses become awfully tempting.  I mean, they go with whatever outfit you’re wearing, for one thing.  They also fit whether you gain or lose weight or get pregnant.  And it’s not a dreaded fanny pack (I’m no fashion blogger, but I think those are pretty safely out).

Unfortunately, even if they’re convenient, concealed carry purses are actually a really lousy option for concealed carry.


3 Reasons Concealed Carry Purses Are A Terrible Idea

It’s hard to access your gun quickly.

Just having a gun with you isn’t enough – you actually have to be able to access it for it to be any good.  If it’s in your purse, it might be surprisingly hard to do.

Let me kick you a scenario.

Let’s say you’re driving down the road and accidentally rear-end the car in front of you.  You stop, feeling shaken, then the driver you hit flings his door open, leaps out of the car, and runs at you holding a weapon – let’s say, a hammer.

Where’s your purse?

Is it in your lap?  On the floor of the passenger side?  In the back seat?

Can you reach your purse, grab your gun, draw, and fire in the time it takes for the angry driver to get to you?

Probably not.


Your purse is easy to steal.

What do you think the chances are a thief is going to run up to you and say, “Give me your wallet!  Not the purse, just the wallet.”

Forget it.  That takes way too much time.  They’re going to go for the whole purse.

Criminals aren’t (necessarily) dumb.  They’re not going to take the risk you have some sort of weapon in your purse, whether it’s a knife, a gun, pepper spray, whatever.  And they don’t want to take more time than necessary to take your things from you, because they don’t want anyone else getting involved.

And as bad as it might be to get your cash, cards, and ID stolen, getting your gun stolen is a headache you do not want to have to deal with (provided it doesn’t end up being used against you – which is another possibility for sure.)


It’s hard to keep full control over your gun at all times.

I’d like to think I’m pretty good about keeping an eye on my purse, that I’m not careless with my belongings.  But I’ve definitely forgotten my purse in restaurants before.

I’ve also hung my purse on the back of a chair at a restaurant without giving it a second thought.

These would both be great opportunities for a thief to get not only a dollar or two (because let’s be real, that’s all the cash I usually have on me these days), but a nice new Glock as well – because in those instances, I don’t have full control over my purse.  And therefore wouldn’t have full control over my firearm, either.

If you have a gun in your purse, that purse is a huge responsibility.  You can’t set it down anywhere in public because it’s not worth the risk someone will get your gun.

Honestly, how many of you are willing to wear your purse all day long?  It sounds like a huge pain in the butt to me.

Especially if you’re a mom of young kids, this is not the concealed carry option for you.  Again, I’d like to think I’m pretty good about watching my purse and keeping my son out of it.  But I also find him digging in it more than I’d like… and I also use it as a tool to keep him from opening the door when I’m trying to pee in a public bathroom.


I’m totally an advocate for women carrying firearms – but the convenience of concealed carry purses just aren’t worth the risks.  There are other options that work much better 🙂


I've NEVER thought about this - I assumed a concealed carry purse would be the best way to go, but I think I'll find something else.


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