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While a concealed carry purse might seem like the most convenient way to carry your firearm, they’re actually one of the worst ways to do so. Here are 3 reasons why.

When I first thought about getting my concealed carry permit, I thought about how I’d actually carry the firearm.  What first came to mind was a purse.  And I’m betting I’m not the only one.

They seem so convenient, right?  I mean, there’s no adjusting your clothing, no worries about whether your clothing is too tight or short to properly conceal the weapon, and in the summer, you don’t have to deal with any extra layers.  You don’t have to worry about how your clothes fit, there’s no added concern if you gain or lose weight, and shopping for jeans isn’t made any more frustrating.

That all sounds great!  It’s not surprising that you can find endless options for concealed carry bags out there, because it seems like a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, though they seem convenient, carrying your gun in a purse is a terrible way to concealed carry.


3 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Use a Concealed Carry Purse

It’s hard to access your gun quickly.

Having a gun with you is a great start for effective self-defense.  But if you can’t actually get to it (or, on that note, if you haven’t practiced enough with it), it’s pretty useless.

Let me kick you a scenario.

Let’s say you’re driving down the road and accidentally rear-end the car in front of you.  You stop.  You’re shaken, trying to collect yourself and figure out what you need to do next.  That’s when the driver of the car you hit flings his door open, leaps out of the car, and runs at you looking extremely pissed off.  Maybe he even has a weapon in his hands.

Tell me… Where’s your purse?

Is it in your lap? On the center console?  On the floor of the passenger side?  In the back seat? Behind your seat? In the trunk?

How confident are you that you would be able to reach your purse, grab your gun, and draw (and fire if necessary) in the time it takes for the angry driver to get to you?  Confident enough to chance it?

Having your gun on-body makes it easier to get to in any situation.  In this situation, even if it’s uncomfortable to draw from, say, a hip holster, it’s still going to be a lot easier to get to than your purse in the back seat.  Having as little as possible between you and your weapon is going to be especially useful when you’re already shaken up, like you would be in the given situation.


Your purse is easy to steal.

What do you think the chances are a thief is going to run up to you and say, “Give me your wallet!  Not the purse, what are you doing? Just the wallet.”

Forget it.  They’re going to go for the whole purse, because criminals aren’t (necessarily) dumb.  They’re not going to take unnecessary extra time robbing you, and they’re not going to take the risk you have some sort of weapon in your purse.

And as bad as it might be to get your cash, cards, and ID stolen, getting your gun stolen is a headache you do not want to have to deal with (provided it doesn’t end up being used against you – which is another possibility for sure.)

And even if this exact situation weren’t to arise, your gun is still easier to steal in a purse hanging off the back of your chair at a restaurant than it would be strapped on your body.


It’s hard to keep full control over your gun at all times.

Speaking of hanging your purse off the back of your chair, if you have your gun in your purse, this isn’t an option.  And even if you don’t do that, everyone makes mistakes.  Heck, I’m pretty good about keeping my eye on my purse, but I’ve totally forgotten it in restaurants before.  Sometimes distractions happen.

And that’s no good.  If someone were to steal your purse, they’d get a nice surprise in the form of a Glock that isn’t linked to them.  It’s hard to have total control over something that’s not attached to you, like your purse – meaning you’ll have a hard time having full control over your firearm, too.

If you have a gun in your purse, that purse is a huge responsibility.  You can’t set it down anywhere in public because it’s not worth the risk someone will get your gun.  And that kind of takes away from the “convenience factor” of concealed carry purses, in my opinion.

Actually, wearing my purse all day long sounds like a giant pain in the butt.

If you’re a mom of young kids, there’s an added concern with having a gun in your purse.  I mean, I don’t like my son digging in my purse and do my best to keep it out of his reach – but as I said, distractions happen.  It would be hard to maintain constant vigilance over a concealed carry purse to the extent it’d be necessary with a toddler.is is  not the concealed carry option for you.  Again, I’d like to think I’m pretty good about watching my purse and keeping my son out of it.  But I also find him digging in it more than I’d like… and I also use it as a tool to keep him from opening the door when I’m trying to pee in a public bathroom.

Also, to throw out another scenario, what if someone ambushed you and your purse got knocked to the ground, out of your reach?  Your gun is useless.


I’m totally an advocate for women carrying firearms – but the convenience of concealed carry purses just aren’t worth the risks.  There are other options that work much better 🙂


I've NEVER thought about this - I assumed a concealed carry purse would be the best way to go, but I think I'll find something else.


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