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Need a way to feel connected to your hubby this holiday season? Try these fun Christmas date ideas to feel close to your LEO no matter how crazy life gets.

I can’t believe it’s already December!  It’s seriously my favorite time of year.  I love everything about this season.

But then again, all the opportunities for special memories with your officer can make the time he’s at work feel that much harder.  His absence just feels that much bigger, doesn’t it?

Instead of focusing on the times he can’t be around, try scheduling some new holiday traditions together – and you can start by checking out the list of 20 fun Christmas date ideas I put together!

Not only are these ideas fun and festive, but most can be arranged for any kind of schedule the two of you are on.  Yay for flexibility!

20 Fun Christmas Date Ideas for You And Your Officer

1. Hot chocolate and Christmas movies.

A classic!  Who doesn’t love this activity?  It’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up.  And you can make your hot chocolate a little more Christmasy by adding a little peppermint coffee creamer.  I drink that a lot this time of year in general 🙂  And I mean, to be fair, hot chocolate can be added pretty much all these date ideas.

2. Do something charitable.

Not to get too schmaltzy, but the holiday season definitely puts me in the mood to do nice things for other people.  There are lots of ways to make the world a better place – together!  You can make cards or blessing bags for a homeless shelter, help serve food at a soup kitchen, or just go around finding opportunities to make people smile.  One of my favorite dates we’ve ever gone on around Christmas time is actually buying a gift for the Salvation Army Giving Tree!

3. Drive around looking at Christmas lights.

Not only is it fun to see all the decorations people have put out for Christmas, but it also gives you the opportunity to just hang out and talk.  Plus, you can adapt this to a fun family night, too, if that’s more your speed right now!

4. Go shopping for a Christmas tree.

I know you can get your tree delivered from Amazon this year (no joke!), but there’s nothing like going to an actual Christmas tree lot and picking out the perfect tree for your family.  You could even find one where you can chop your own down, if you’re into a more “authentic”, “old-school” experience!

5. Do some baking.

I mean, honestly, this one is top of our list because my husband loves to bake.  Plus, he has lots of family recipes that he has to have to make Christmas feel like Christmas, so we actually end up doing this a lot!  But seriously, scour Pinterest for some fun recipes.  Here’s just one list I found of 100 easy cookie recipes to get you started!

6. Play in the snow.

If you have ample snow in your area, build a snowman, organize a snowball fight, make snow angels… whatever fun things you remember doing from your childhood, go ahead and recreate it with your hubby.  Plus, you can warm each other later! 🙂

7. Go sledding/tubing.

Seriously, how much fun did you have doing this as a kid?  Sure, it’s a little different as an adult (much like a slip-n-slide, not so fun as an adult!) but this is a lot less impact than other kids stuff you could recreate.  If your immediate neighborhood doesn’t really have enough snow, there might be mountains nearby you could go to instead.

8. Camp out next to the Christmas tree.

There’s something so cozy about the lights on your Christmas tree.  What’s better than setting up sleeping bags (and maybe a fort!) and snuggling up with your hubby next to it?

9. Window shop.

Window shopping can actually be a really fun activity to do with your spouse.  You might go to a high-end store and just imagine what it would be like to be those kind of shoppers, or maybe go to a toy store and think about how much better toys are these days – because I definitely get a smidge jealous when I look at toy stores as an adult 😉

10. Go to a local zoo for ZooLights.

Most zoos offer special Christmas light events during the holiday season.  Take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with your husband and enjoy a special holiday event – especially if this is something you remember from your childhood.

11. Go on a date to a local cafe.

While you can totally make hot chocolate at home, going to a cafe and having someone else make it for you is awesome.  Especially if you know a place with some sort of special hot chocolate – like, we have a place nearby that makes it with real chocolate and heavy whipping cream.  Yum.

12. Decorate the house together.

Have you put up decorations already?  If not, turn up the Christmas tunes and enjoy making the house look nice and jolly.

13. Share your childhood traditions with each other.

This might not be a new thing if you’ve been together a while, but if it’s still one of your first Christmases together, it’s super fun to share the important stuff from your childhood with each other.  For instance, I grew up doing Sankt Nikolaustag every year in addition to Christmas, where you put out your shoes on the 5th of December and Santa visits to fill it with candy.  It’s a fun tradition to recreate now!

14. Make a gingerbread house.

This could get messy and there’s a good chance it’s not going to turn out looking so hot, but that’s not really the point, is it?  You can get a kit and go nuts decorating a gingerbread house together.  Or if you’re more the competitive types, you can definitely get two kits and have a decorating competition!

15. Go to the thrift store and find gifts for each other.

You could either have a silly-themed gift finding session or find the best gift you can under a certain amount, whatever you want.  You could even find each other an ugly sweater to wear on one of your other Christmas dates!

16. Make ornaments together.

Whether you’re the crafty type or not, you can find ornaments you’ll be able to put together as a couple.  There are a few ideas on this post, actually, with DIY gift ideas for police officers.  Bonus idea, you could even use these ideas to make a few gifts for your friends and family!

17. Go ice skating.

There’s a good chance you have an ice skating rink not far away from you, and it’s a great opportunity to spend time doing something fun and different with your husband.  Plus, if you fall, there’s nothing like him catching you.  Swoon, right?  Or not, maybe you’ll just fall – but in any case, you’ll totally have fun.

18. See a Christmas play/show.

Maybe you’re really into the Nutcracker, or It’s A Wonderful Life, or you have a different holiday favorite.  Hey, maybe you just want to see something you haven’t seen before!  Regardless, this time of year is a great opportunity to see good plays together.

19. Go to a local Christmas market.

Go head and do a quick Google search on Christmas markets in your area, because there’s bound to be at least one that’s super fun.  I love our local German-themed one!

20. Go to a local tree lighting.

Just like above, do a quick Google search and find out when and where there’s a tree lighting nearby.  They’re always a lot of fun!



No matter what you and your husband like doing most together, you can make this holiday season count.

These are super fun Christmas date ideas! I mean honestly even if you're not an officer these are great ideas, but lots of them are super flexible. Perfect for police wives.


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