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Is it just me, or does it seem like there are suddenly babies everywhere?

It could just be that I’m in my mid-twenties, so I just naturally see them more.  It could be because A is getting out of the “tiny squish” stage and into the “little boy” stage, and I’m starting to get some serious baby fever.  It could be because I live in Utah.  Who knows?

In any case, I thought it was time I put all my baby product research to good use.  While I tend to lean toward homemade gifts for baby showers (for both sentimental reasons and budgetary constraints), I’ve found lots of gift ideas for police babies through sources like Amazon and Pinterest that have me just dying.

I mean, a ton.  There are over 50 items on this list.  So whatever your budget, whatever your relationship to the parents-to-be, there’s bound to be an idea in here for you! (you’re welcome!)

Ultimate List of Baby Gifts for Police Officers


Police Rubber Ducks, $8 from Amazon

How cute are these?  Every kid needs a rubber duck or two.

Combi Police Car Walker/Jumper, $90 on Amazon

I think this is my favorite thing on this entire list.  There’s also a pink one available for baby girls! 

Fisher Price Lights and Sounds Police Car, $10.99 on Amazon

A would absolutely love this one.  Well, to be fair, he loves anything with wheels… but he seems to like “wee-oo” sounds a lot, too.

Custom Police-Themed Piggy Bank, $35 from BubbieRed

custom piggy bank

This is such a fun way to commemorate all those birth stats.  I know A loves his piggy bank: if I give him a roll of pennies, he’ll easily spend an hour putting them in the slot. That means down time for mom, plus fine motor skill practice.  Win!

Wooden Police Badge Rattle Toy, $20 from Sugar Maple Toys

badge rattle toy

I’m a sucker for natural wood toys, and this adorable police badge rattle is no exception.  It’s also great for a teething baby to chew on!

Personalized Police Duckling Toy, $13.50 from Seams Vundabar

police duckling

This is so cute, and I love the fact that it can be personalized.  Just contact the seller if you want to change the colors or have the baby’s name embroidered on it.

Police Car Baby Rattle, $20 from Karen’s Craft Shop

police car baby rattle

Super cute, and perfectly sized for baby hands.  The seller also offers the choice between safety lock eyes and embroidered eyes if you’re concerned about the possible choking hazard!

Wooden Police Car Teether, $14 from Sugar Maple Toys

teether car

Again with the natural wood toys!  This wooden police car teether is made of unfinished maple, perfect for gnawing.  This one also comes with a free tether clip in your choice of color.

My First Counting Book – Police, $5 from Amazon

Books are a great gift because they can be used for so long.  This one in particular we’ve checked our from the library before.  When A was younger, he liked cuddling while I read to him.  Now, he likes pointing out the “trucks”, and I’m sure eventually it’ll be a great way to teach him his numbers 1-10.


Police Themed Taggy Blanket, $28 from Amazon

Before I had a baby, I didn’t really understand the appeal of these taggy blankets, but it’s another one of those things I’ve come to really appreciate.  These blankets have kept A happy on a long car trip more times than I can count.

Police Car Swaddle Blanket, $20 from Sparkles and Stags

police swaddle blanket

Of all the swaddle blankets I had when A was a newborn, the gauzey ones were by far my favorite.  They kept him warm without overheating him, they were great for keeping the sun out of his eyes in the car, and I could use them as nursing covers.

Police Car Crib Sheets, $38 from Now Fabrics

crib sheet

Because we bought an Ikea crib, I never got to take advantage of the fun crib sheets that are available (Ikea cribs aren’t a standard size!).  Nonetheless, I wanted to mention these, because look how adorable.  And the busy print is great for covering spit-up stains 😉



Robeez Police Car Shoes, $12.99 from Amazon

I’m crazy about these.  I had actually pinned these shoes when I was pregnant, but forgot all about them until A was in “big boy” shoes and I couldn’t justify them anymore.  But man, look how cute! And the red color would be adorable for a boy or a girl.

Daddy’s Best Backup Onesie, $15 from Little Canyon Farmhouse

daddys best backup onesie

How cute is this onesie?  The seller can also write “mommy” instead of “daddy” by request.

Handmade Cotton Police Car Shoes, $25 from Scooter Booties

baby shoes police car

I love these police car shoes!  They’re adorable, plus they have a nice soft sole to help early walkers and are lined with faux sherpa for comfort.

9 Months on the Inside Onesie, $15 from Palmetto Kids Tees

9 months inside

This one would be especially funny for children of corrections or parole officers.

Doody Calls Onesie, $23.99 from Tootsie’s Girls

doody calls onesie

This will make all those dirty diapers a little funnier… Maybe. 🙂

I’ve Got Your Six T-Shirt, $15 from Modern Chic Kids

mommy ive got your 6

This one just melts my heart, especially on that pigtailed model.  Like the others, the seller of this shirt can print “daddy” instead of “mommy” if requested.

Resisting A Rest Onesie, $12.95 from White Rabbit Vinyl

resisting a rest

Like the Doody Calls onesie, this one might make frustrating “nap strikes” a little less frustrating.  Even if it doesn’t, it’s adorable!

“Sometimes I Pretend I’m A Police Car And I Scream” Onesie, $20 from Little Froggy Surf Shop

scream police car

Just sayin’.

Thin Blue Line Baby Leggings, $35 from Art of Where

toddler leggings

These are so cute, and a great way to help baby show support for law enforcement 😉



Police Car Headband, $7 from O What A Bow

red blue police headband girls

Now, I don’t have a baby girl, and I’ve never gotten to use cute headbands like these, but I love them.  Maybe one day. 🙂

Girl’s Police Car Pacifier Clip, $8.99 from Two Lil Pumpkins

girl police pacifier clip

Pacifier clips are a must-have.  I love this one with pink police cars for a baby girl.

Police Themed Month Stickers, $9 from Buddha Bellies

baby month stickers

I took a lot of pictures of A’s first year, but my favorite are the pictures I took each month to show how much he’d grown.  It always blew my mind what a difference a month made!  These are a great way to document the monthly pictures, and show support for a parent in law enforcement.

Thin Blue Line Headband, $7.50 from Blue Line Swag

thin blue line baby headband

Seriously, I’d be so happy with either a boy or girl next… but I’d love to have a little girl just so I could buy headbands like this one.

Police Car Pacifier Clip, $5 from Daisy Dade

police car pacifier clip

Here’s another pacifier clip.  This one’s great for boys or girls!

Police Hat and Diaper Cover, $35 from Knot Your Granny’s Square

police outfit baby

This is a great hat and diaper cover set for newborn photographs.  She also has a sparkly set for baby girls in her shop, and you can select whether you prefer a gold or a silver badge.

Thin Blue Line Pacifier Clip, $7 from Babee Buttercup

thin blue line pacifier clip

One more pacifier clip, this one with the classic thin blue line.  What’s great about these as gifts is that they’re so inexpensive, and so dead useful.

Police Car Hair Clip, Set of 2 for $6 from Two Lil Pumpkins

police car hair clip

Again with the cute little girl accessories!  You can buy just one for the left or right side for $3.50, or a set of two for $6.


Police-Themed Bibs, $9.99 each or $24.99 for a set of 3 from Fire Wife Fashions

officer in training bibgs

So.  Darn.  Cute.  This is another baby thing you can’t have enough of.  I know I washed countless bibs when A was first starting solids.

Blue Dr. Bronner’s Bottles, $15.67 for a set of 3 from Amazon

Okay, these aren’t technically police themed, but these were some of our favorite bottles for A, and the blue color can be a nod toward the thin blue line.

Custom Burp Rags, $28 for a set of 3 from Lightin Bug Kreations

custom monogram burp rags

I love customizeable baby gifts and, again, these are so useful.  I went through soooo many bibs every day when A was a newborn.

Thin Blue Line Baby Apron, $22.50 from Bapron Baby

baby bib apron thin blue line

So I have a few bibs on this list, but this one takes the cakee.  It’s HUGE! So great for the messiest meals.

Police, Sheriff, or Trooper Bibs, $10 from Baby Needs Bibs

police sheriff trooper bib

That being said… these bibs are dang adorable.  Sometimes you don’t need the full-on “bapron”, and for those times, these uniform-themed bibs are great. And they make a huge impact for the price!

Nursery Art  

Be Brave and Courageous Little One Print, $5 from The Wild Raccoon Prints

be brave and courageous

This is such a cute print for the nursery, and a great inspirational reminder.

Police Vehicles Prints, $20 from Caverna Lava

nursery police prints

I’m a sucker for polka dots, and I love all the different police vehicles.  I know A would love to see these on his bedroom wall every day.

Born to Be Blue Print, $5 from Always Yesterday

born to be blue

This is such a pretty print.  It’d be great for a boy or girl’s nursery!


Police Giraffe Print, $1 (!!) from Home Poster

police giraffe print

Not only is this print adorable, at $1, it’s also a super affordable baby shower gift for a police officer’s family.

My Hero Lives Here Print, $10 from Sugar Pickle Designs

my hero my mommy

I just love this quote.  Both “Mommy” and “Daddy” versions are available.


Police Car Chandelier/Mobile, $70 from Cloud Pop

chandelier mobile

This is just so pretty, and it’s bound to keep the attention of a fussy baby at naptime.  Maybe.  But if not, it’ll make a nursery just a little more sophisticated looking!


For Mom

Diaper Cake

diaper cake 

Okay, the only downside of this one is you can’t buy it – you have to make it yourself.  But that’s okay.  Look how cute it is! And the thing a new mom is going to need most (aside from a few hours of sleep) is diapers.  Lots and lots of them.

Navy Stripe Nursing Cover, $37.99 from Amazon

This is great to stash in a diaper bag for on-the-go feedings.  It’s made of cotton, so it’s a little more breathable, plus  has the added bonus of being really stylish-looking.

Diaper Bag and Stroller Organizer, $24.99 from Amazon

Not only is this diaper bag super cute, it also has great reviews on its versatility/durability on Amazon.

Blue Nalgene Bottle, $9 from Amazon

Here’s the deal.  I know there are water bottles with the thin blue line on them, but I’d swap them for a simple blue Nalgene bottle anyday because I trust the brand.  And I know I craved water like crazy the first few days of breastfeeding, so a high-quality, durable water bottle like this would have been a very welcome gift! Plus, it’s wide-mouthed, so it’s easier to add ice.

Pregnancy Pillow, $72 from Amazon

This gift will make your pregnant friend love you.  You may want to steer clear of their husband, though, because this will officially relegate them to the couch at night.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow in Navy Blue, $34 from Amazon

This is hands-down the best nursing pillow ever, especially for C-section moms.  It’s comfortable, sturdy, and even has a pocket for that Nalgene bottle I mentioned (or snacks!)

For Dad

Be Nice To Me, My Wife Is Pregnant Shirt, $23.99 from Gnarly Tees


Because, well, Dad deserves it.


So after all that, my ovaries hurt.  Anyone else?

Great list.  I consulted this for my friend's baby shower, she LOVED the police badge rattle I got her. <3 She saved me a ton of googling/searching!!! Thanks for pinning!


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