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Don’t you just loooove going on Facebook around the holidays and seeing what everyone else is doing… when you’re home alone?

Not so much.

Even if you’re happy for your friends, it’s hard not to get jealous, especially on holidays where you “should” get to be with your husband – but, you know, the whole, “crime never sleeps” thing puts a damper on that.

So if you’re feeling salty about your Valentine’s day plans this year (or lack thereof), I wanted to give you some encouragement that you can still have an amazing celebration with your husband.  You just might have to get a little creative!

How To Have An Awesome Valentine’s Day Apart

  • Write time-lapsed love notes.  Think shorter/smaller versions of open when letters.  You could plan a “theme” to them, like “reasons I love you” or think of topics, like “open when you’re feeling jealous” – or hey, if you feel confident about what time he might be off, you could write them for specific times and count down the hours until you see each other again in them.  Get creative! (P.S. I created a printable stationery pack that’s perfect for these :))
  • Have a “text theme” of the day.  Basically, the tech version of the time-lapsed love notes.  Again, your theme could be “reasons I love you”, “favorite memories”, or whatever!  This will help you think about each other throughout the day and build your relationship, even if you’re not actually together.
  • Plan a FaceTime date.  Even if it’s just roughly planned, it’s fun to sneak in a few minutes to talk to each other face to face.
  • Give each other small presents to open separately.  You could easily combine this with a FaceTime date to watch each other open them!  I loved what another police wife did for New Years: she sent a card with her husband that instructed him to open it at midnight.  The card had a Hershey Kiss inside that said, “here’s your New Year’s kiss for now!”  I thought it was adorable.
  • Plan an unconventional date.  If you have some time together on Valentine’s Day, why not plan an unconventional date?  There’s no law saying you have to have a Valentine’s Day dinner date – you can make a Valentine’s Day breakfast or lunch (or quick midnight snack) just as special.
  • Make the most of whatever time you have.  If you don’t have time for even a semblance of a date on Valentine’s Day, that’s okay!  Take whatever time you have and make it the best you can.  If you only have 5 minutes together, try to make it the best 5 minutes of the entire day. 
  • Give each other a Valentine’s Day IOU.  If you’re really dying to have a “real” Valentine’s Day date but you can’t do it on February 14th, plan that special date for the 15th.  Or the 16th.  Or whatever day you have available!  Just treat the 14th like any other day and take comfort in the knowledge you’ll have super fun plans a different day.  Plus, you get to avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds – huge win!
  • Plan to enjoy day-after sales together.  This kinda links into the last one, but the best thing about February 15th is the discounted candy, am I right?  If you plan to enjoy Valentine’s Day after the fact, you can save a lot of money and still have fun!  

Most importantly, remember to keep things in perspective.  Don’t compare your day to anyone else’s!  Just make your day the best it can be.

Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day this year, I hope you have an awesome time!

How do you and your husband plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Love this! This is our FIRST married valentines day and my husband of course has to work. Thanks for the reminder that it doesn't have to be so bad... just par for the course in #policewifelife lol!


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