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Fun fact:  I hate a lot of new-agey stuff.

I roll my eyes so hard when I see a lot of the example affirmations on Pinterest – “Money just flows to me”, for example.  Um, really?

I mean, it’s one of those “whatever floats your boat” type things for me, but I’m a little too stubborn and too much of a concrete fact-driven thinker.  It’s the same reason Hypnobirthing was a personal no-go (don’t tell me it doesn’t hurt! just tell me how to deal with the pain!)

However…. a good friend of mine got really into vision boards and affirmations and swears by it.


I mean, I know this friend.  She’s pretty grounded and (generally) normal.  And she convinced me to give it a shot.

I made a vision board and wrote a list of 9 things I wanted to feel better about, which turned into 9 affirmations I planned to say daily.

And let me tell you, they’ve made a huge difference in my outlook on life.

Do I necessarily think they’re going to cause me to make a million dollars?  Eh, I’m still not so sure on that.  But I can tell you that they markedly improve my attitude, so the 30 seconds it takes to do something I might otherwise consider “hokey” is totally worth it.

Happy Things To Tell Yourself Every Day

I love myself.

Here’s a pretty classic one. It sounds so cheesy to say out loud, but it’s something I need to hear now and then.  Sometimes I can be so mean to myself – way meaner than I’d ever be to anyone else.  Saying this out loud reminds me of the good stuff I do and how I’m actually pretty great. (she says, so humbly)

I am a wonderful wife and mother.

There are many days I feel like a lousy wife and mother: like when A is crabby all day, or when my husband gets ignored for a project I desperately want to finish, when the dishes don’t get done, or we have cold cereal for dinner, not the elaborate meal I’d planned (because LOL, what were the chances it was actually going to happen?)

Not only does this remind me that one bad day does not a bad mom make, but it also reinforces who I want to be.  It reminds me it’s not the end of the world to put my project aside and focus on being an attentive wife for an evening.

Every day is a day closer to my goals.

This one helps to remind me of the steps I’ve taken that day to become better, and helps me think long-term rather than “why isn’t everything in place rightthisminute?”  I have a tendency to be impatient, so I need help maintaining this perspective.

Sometimes I feel like I need to say this over and over, especially when every day feels like Groundhog Day and I don’t feel like I’m getting any traction.  Even then, it’s a day closer to the next day, anyway 😉

No good deed goes unnoticed.

Sometimes with my husband’s demanding schedule, I feel a little unappreciated.  I feel like I run myself ragged all day, then when he gets home from work and doesn’t mention every single thing I’ve done, I get a little unfairly snippy.

Saying this shifts my attitude and helps me to think about the times he does say something, and assume if he hasn’t said anything that he’s still noticed.

Besides, if I didn’t keep up on the things I do, it would definitely be noticed.

I have everything I want and need in abundance.

With the tight budget we’re on, there are certain things I just don’t get to have.  Like haircuts – somehow they only happen every 6 months, even though every time I promise myself I’ll go back in 6 weeks, as recommended.  It’s just a lower priority expense (and actually, fairly low priority for me in general.

But that being said, I need to say this to myself a lot, because it reminds me of all the things I have to be grateful for.  I mean, even if I don’t have all the “wants”, I definitely have all the “needs”, especially compared to others who are less fortunate.

I don’t ever want to feel less than grateful for everything I have.

I am successful (right now!)

See also: “I am a wonderful wife and mother.” Sometimes I just need the reminder that I’m doing my best and I don’t need clout to be successful.  I just need to give my current job my all and do the best I can – because that’s how I want to define success.

I have all the time I need each day.

This usually follows with a “but”.  I have all the time I need each day, but I need to use it better.

This one helps me have a better attitude, of course, but the biggest impact is it makes me more aware of time-wasters.  It reminds me that I have 24 hours a day, but if I make the most of it, I can do a lot of the stuff I need (and want) to do.

There are good things waiting around every corner.

At a time when it felt like more bad news was lurking around every corner, I needed to remind myself that good things lurk around corners, too.  When the life we built fell apart and we had to rebuild, one thing I kept thinking was that, if things could fall apart so quickly, they could fall together just as quickly in the future.  This is a good “bite-sized” reminder of that.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

My body changed drastically after having a baby, especially after having a C-section.  If you’re a mom yourself, I’m sure you can relate.  I was more distressed by my reaction to my body than by my body itself.  I had a baby! I made a human! Surely I’m not so vain as to worry about its effect on the aesthetics of my body? Well, reasonable or not, it did bother me.  I really wanted to be more positive about my body.  This seems to have helped a lot and, again, helped me to identify and change negative attitudes I have toward myself.


These affirmations have made me so much happier, helped me to have a more optimistic attitude, and overall have made me a better wife and mother for it.  

Like these affirmations? Click here for a (free!) printable PDF of all of them!

Do you say any affirmations every day?  What are some of your favorites?

I LOVE these.  This is a great list of affirmations that will totally change your life, especially if you're a mom <3


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