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If you’ve been on Pinterest for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of “open when” letters.  If you haven’t, they’re letters you pre-write for a particular person for them to open when something special happens or they’re feeling happy/sad/lonely, whatever.

And I think they’re super fun.

Not only do they appeal to me since I communicate best through writing (seriously, I’m awkward in real life), but they’re also an inexpensive, meaningful gift idea.  I love homemade gifts, and one from the heart like this really appeals to me, especially because they can be enjoyed over time rather than all at once.

If you want to make a set, just choose however many you’d like to do (say, 5 or 10… or 24, if you’re really feeling motivated!) and write out the letters according to the prompts.  You can type them or hand write them if you’d like, or type to get it all formatted, then copy it down in handwriting if you want to make sure it’s perfect (or if you’re okay with stuff being scratched out as you go, that’s fine too!)  Totally up to you.

You might even think about getting special stationery for them, or doing cheesy stuff like perfuming the paper.

Whatever the prompt makes you think of, whatever you might want to say to your husband in that hypothetical moment, write it!

You may also consider adding stuff to the envelopes depending on the topic, like a bag of pop rocks or another type of candy for sad days.  Get creative and have fun 🙂


24 Open When Letter Ideas for Police Officers

  1. Open when you need to know how proud I am of you.
  2. Open when you need to know why I love you.
  3. Open when you’re in need of cheering up.
  4. Open when you’re missing me.
  5. Open when you’re missing your kids.
  6. Open when you need a kiss. All you need for this one is a piece of paper you’ve kissed while wearing lipstick 🙂
  7. Open when you need a hug. Trace both hands on paper, cut them out, then attach them to a ribbon or string.  It’s a portable hug 🙂
  8. Open when you need a laugh.
  9. Open when you need strength.
  10. Open when you’re bored.
  11. Open when you’re having a bad day.
  12. Open when you’re having a great day. Include something he can celebrate with, like a party popper, a small banner, or a little bag of confetti. (but not glitter, because that’s just mean.)
  13. Open when you don’t feel loved.
  14. Open when you don’t feel respected at work.
  15. Open when you don’t feel needed.
  16. Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you.
  17. Open when you’re feeling nostalgic. Include photos from early in your relationship.
  18. Open when you’re feeling sick. Include cough drops or a travel-sized tablet of Airborne
  19. Open when you need a pep talk. 
  20. Open when you’re discouraged. 
  21. Open when you need to hear a few compliments.
  22. Open when you’re missing our pets.
  23. Open when you’re working on a holiday.
  24. Open when you’re working on a birthday.


These letters are a great idea to keep you close even during the crazy long, unpredictable shifts.

Have you ever written “open when” letters?

I love this!  I'm totally going to make a set of these for my LEO's birthday.  I can't wait for him to see them! <3


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