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I received free product from Plant Therapy in exchange for a review, but all opinions remain my own.  I’ll never recommend anything I don’t 100% believe in!

I have to admit, I sometimes have some “crunchy” tendencies.

When we were pre-kid, I was super into organic, natural, no preservative, etc. food.  I questioned (briefly) the safety of things like vaccines, epidurals, etc.  I got pretty into essential oils.

When I got pregnant, that kinda went out the window as we were broke as a joke.  Plus, pregnant-me gagged on anything healthy, even whole wheat bread.  I subsisted on chocolate milk and bagels, pretty much 😉

And now that we’re in the throes of parenthood and go through about 20 gallons of milk a week, we straight-up can’t afford organic milk.

Hey, life changes pretty fast, huh?

The one “crunchy” habit that has stuck with me is the use of essential oils.  I was skeptical at first, but after using them for a while, I 100% believe in their effectiveness.  I use them when we’re sick, when I’m stressed, when we can’t sleep – everything.

I wanted to share some of the best ones I’ve found that can help to solve common police wife problems.  They’re all from Plant Therapy, which is by far my favorite source for essential oils.  They’re high-quality, reasonably priced, and have free shipping on every order. Woo!

16 Essential Oils That Will Improve Your Life as a Police Wife

Need to reduce stress?

Try these:

  • Balance Synergy for Women: This one will help you feel more in control of your emotions (especially effective during that time of the month!)
  • Tension Relief Synergy: Do you suffer from tension headaches?  This will help relieve the tension and make you feel a lot better. They also have a companion KidSafe oil called Tension Tamer if your kids struggle with them!
  • Worry Free Synergy:  This blend will help you feel more relaxed and less anxious – whether you use it during the day to ward off anxiety or at night to help fall asleep more quickly, it’ll help a lot.
  • Meditation Synergy: This one will help you put in a more relaxed (yet still focused – hence the “meditative”) state of mind.  This one has a companion oil for kids as well, called Calming the Child.

Want to feel more lovey-dovey toward your husband?

The Sensual Synergy blend not only smells amazing, but will also help you reconnect (wink, wink) and make the most of the limited time you have with your husband.

Also, if you’re needing to feel more compassionate toward your husband and his needs, you can try 4th Chakra Heart Synergy to increase feelings of compassion – and, of course, your husband can use this too if he’s starting to feel a little jaded.  It couldn’t hurt, right? 😉

Struggling to sleep during night shifts?

Sleep-Aid Synergy is exactly what it sounds like: an essential oil blend to help you fall asleep more quickly.  They have KidSafe versions, as well: both Nighty Night and Sweet Dreams will safely help your little ones drift off to sleep without as much of a fight.

Need more energy to get things done?

The bright, cheery Energy Synergy blend will help you have a little more spring in your step on days where you’re dragging for one reason or another!

Feeling blue?

The Blues Buster synergy blend will help you shift into a more positive mindset.  Plus, it’s a KidSafe oil – so you can share it with your kids on tough days (just dilute it properly – if you’re unsure, just go to the website and chat with one of their essential oil experts!)

Struggling with sickness?

Peppermint is my go-to oil when I have a fever – a little on the bottom of my feet helps lower my temperature naturally.

But if you want to get over a cold more quickly, check out the Germ Fighter synergy blend.  It can help kill germs and boost your immune system to prevent illness.  There’s a KidSafe version, too, called Germ Destroyer – a must-have during the winter months to help keep sickness at bay.

Really want to get into essential oils?

If you’re ready to really dive into using essential oils, Plant Therapy offers an awesome starter set with their top 32 oils with a zippered carrying case.  There are single oils so you can search Pinterest for blends specifically for what you need, plus their pre-mixed synergy blends (including many of the ones mentioned above!)

It’s an awesome deal.


Honestly, I love essential oils.  Using them has made such a difference in our lives!

Do you use essential oils?

These are awesome! I've never been the crunchy type but I'm a fan of the idea of less stress (and you know, nice smells...) so essential oils couldn't hurt to try ;) #policewifelife #policewife


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