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I have a big announcement to make: I’m now going to be contributing to My Joy-Filled Life once per month!  My Joy-Filled Life is a blog that is centered around homeschooling, but even if you’re not a homeschooling mom, I think those of you who are moms will really enjoy it.  They post lots of fun activities for kids, recipes, homemaking tips, and articles that will encourage you when you’re feeling low.

If you enjoyed my previous general motherhood, homemaking, and/or encouragement topics, you’ll love the posts I contribute over there.  Whenever one of my posts goes live, I’ll be sure to let you guys know so that you won’t miss it!  If you’d like to know in advance when I’ll be posting, I’m scheduled to contribute a post the first Friday of each month.

The post that was published today is one that I was inspired to write after gardening recently. I realized that a lot of our literal planting season mirrored some lessons I needed to learn from the metaphorical planting season our lives are in.

While I see a lot of our “plants” beginning to grow, I know from recent first-hand experience how hard it is to plug away without seeing results.  I wanted to share my experience to hopefully encourage those of you who are also in such a season.

Funny enough, I’d been thinking about these lessons but hadn’t considered writing a post on them until I was asked to be a regular contributor to MJFL.  As soon as I got the email saying that I’d been chosen, I got to work writing it and managed to have the article finished within a day or two!  I just love when inspiration strikes like that.

Anyway, if you’d like to check out my post, here’s the link: When You’re In The Planting Season

I hope you enjoy it!