Truck Letter Templates for Heroes

In my post about why your child should write to a soldier, I said I was planning to post letter writing tips and letter templates in the following weeks.  As promised, I’ve been working on some and I’m pretty excited to share!

I’m going to start off my series of letter templates with my son’s current favorite thing: trucks. Seriously, whenever I take him outside it’s all I hear, or when he sees one in one of his books.  “Tuck! Tuck!”  It just melts my heart.

In the pack are four letter templates: one for deployed service members, one for police officers, one for firefighters, and one for emergency medical staff.  Print as many as you’d like for whichever group you’d like!

The illustrations were drawn by hand because, while I’d someday like to be good at graphic design, it’s really not my forte right now.  I do much better with pencil, pen, and paper after lots of practice in my art journal. Not to say they’re perfect by any means, but I’m pretty proud of them.

hero letter templates

The pages are lined so older kids can write their own letters.  For younger kids who can’t write yet, you could have them color the picture and then either write your own message, or ask them what they’d like to write and write it for them.

As a reminder, here are some dos and don’ts of writing to the military through Operation Gratitude (where I recommend sending your letters if you don’t have a preferred organization of your own):


  • Open with a non-branch-specific greeting (hero, warrior, patriot, service member, etc.)
  • Thank them for their service.
  • Mention a little something about yourself.
  • Be positive and uplifting: put a smile on their face!
  • Send letters unfolded if possible (to make the screening process easier!)


  • Use your child’s last name
  • Give any indication of your city/state of residence or the name of your school.
  • Use glitter (it will infect the entire care package!)
  • Use bulky foam stickers (regular stickers are fine!)
  • Put letters in individual envelopes.

If you’re interested in a “pen pal” type relationship, you can include a parent or guardian’s email address.  Be sure to monitor all communication for safety.

To download this pack of letter templates, click here and enjoy!


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I’m a twenty-something LEO wife and stay-at-home mom to a one-year-old little boy. I enjoy writing, reading, taking my son for walks and runs in the stroller, and crafting. My goal is for Love and Blues to be a resource for first responders and their families. I write about marriage and family topics, as well as about the quirks that come with being married to a man in law enforcement, firefighting, or emergency medical services.

  • I have a little guy who loves to point out every fire truck and police car that he sees. This is an activity that he would enjoy for sure. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from the Family Joy Link Party 🙂

    • Oh, yay! I’m so glad. What is it about boys? I swear our son came out of the womb interested in trucks. When he was a tiny baby and I had trouble soothing him, I’d hold him facing the window toward the street and he’d calm every time a car drove by. So funny!
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • My little guy loves fire trucks. This a great activity for him. Thanks for linking up at Family Joy Blog Link Up party this week.

    • I’m so glad to hear it! 🙂 Thanks for reading!