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Dear Police Recruit (A Letter to my Husband on his First Day)

Dear Police Recruit,

You looked so handsome this morning as I sent you out the door.

You tossed restlessly last night, and I laid next to you just thinking about all the new changes coming our way.

You woke up and showered and tied your tie in the bathroom mirror. We both smiled and exchanged those nervous glances. This is it!

You squared your shoulders and grabbed your lunch and then I kissed you goodbye.

It’s your first day at the police academy, and I am so, so proud of you.

5 Elements of a Bulletproof Law Enforcement Marriage

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I was reading a fellow blogger’s post about the essential elements of a military marriage the other day, and it got me thinking.  What are the essential elements of a successful law enforcement marriage?  This is an important topic because the divorce rate for those in law enforcement hovers at around 60-75% (source).

That means that of the LEO wives reading this, only a quarter of you will have a successful marriage.  Yikes. That’s not something we can ignore.  A strong, thriving, healthy marriage is even more important once kids are involved.  It means there are more people than just you and your spouse to think about.  Protecting your marriage means providing stability and a sense of security for your children.

Here are 5 essential elements to nurture in your marriage so that it can withstand anything that comes your way. 

First Responder Appreciation Suckers

Our first responders go through a lot.  I mean, that goes without saying, but still, it should be noted.  How often do you, for example, see a building on fire, and go running into it? Not often.  How about if someone robbed a convenience store you were at?  Think you could defuse the situation, or would you just wait it out and pray?  Let’s say you see a car crash.  You might be able to help some, but my guess is you’d be like me: helplessly watching.

In all these circumstances, instead of acting by yourself, you’re probably more likely to call 911.  That’s great, that’s what it’s there for.  But how about a small act of appreciation for those whose jobs we can scarcely imagine, who have some sucky days where everything just goes wrong.  Not in terms of their coffee is the wrong temperature, but that things go seriously, seriously wrong, and it may just haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Obviously, we can’t pay first responders back completely for what they do.  It’s just not possible.  However, we can do small things here and there to help them know they’re in our thoughts and prayers and that, even when the media portrays them (especially the police) as monsters, we’re behind them.

Enter these suckers.