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Becoming a mom has had a big impact on my New Year’s resolutions this year.

For one thing, I’ve never had a fitness/weight loss resolution before, but you know how it is post-pregnancy.  I just want things to fit properly again!

For another, because I have this particular resolution, it makes me think about the example I’m setting for my little guy.

When I work out and eat healthy, I want to make sure what I’m teaching him is the importance of health, not the importance of being skinny.  I don’t want him to hear me moaning about “5 more pounds to go!”.  I want him to see me focusing on my health in a positive way, eating good foods because I love my body and want to be healthy and able to play with him.

I don’t want him to see me bemoaning the shape of my body: the lesson I’d really like to teach him is that I appreciate my body and all it can do.  I love that I can do a workout one day, and when I do it again the next week, it becomes easier.  I love that when I eat good foods, my body responds with more energy.  I love that I have the full capability to run, jump, climb, and do whatever I’d like without any physical limitations.

When I got thinking about the lessons I want to teach A, I realized I wanted to share my thoughts.  So that’s what inspired this month’s article for My Joy-Filled Life.

As hard as it is for us as adults to weigh positive body image/health/societal expectations, we have to realize it’s so, so much harder for our kids, because they don’t have the perspective we have.  They feel the full force of advertisements, magazines, etc because they don’t have any filters to use when they view the world.

That’s why it’s up to us to make sure our kids are equipped with the tools they need to feel positive about their bodies and make good, healthy choices.

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This is so, so important. A positive body image will help your kids navigate the tough adolescent years a LOT more smoothly... and helping them have a healthy relationship with their own body early on is a HUGE gift you can give them.