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I’m so not a fashion blogger.

I mean really: most of the time, I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt.  Makeup?  Pfft.  1-2 times a week at best.

I like looking nice, but I just don’t have the time or energy most of the time to do anything more than the basics.

So me, posting about clothes I like?  Trust me when I say it won’t be happening all that often. 🙂

That being said, some of my favorite clothes to wear are the ones that show support for my husband.  I love feeling reminded of him all day long, showing others I’m totally pro-police, and most of the designs are just really cool 😉

In any case, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorites.


Outfits To Show Pride In Your Officer For Every Occasion


As I’m such a jeans and t-shirt girl, this is my jam.

These shirts are all from Thin Blue Line USA, and they’re some of my favorites.  They’re super soft and longer than the average T-shirt – which I love, because I have a longer torso (and don’t necessarily want to wear a belly shirt most of the time.)

Note: Use the coupon code LOVEBLUES15 for 15% off 🙂

White Long-Sleeved HeartRespect Flag TeeLong-Sleeved Flag Tee – V-Neck Flag



I don’t get the opportunity to get dressed up nearly as often as I’d like to, but I absolutely love these dresses (especially the first – swoon).  They’d be great to wear to graduation from the police academy 🙂

Keyhole DressLace Sheath DressColorblock Dress


At the Gym

I’m a little out of the habit of working out, but these cute outfits might just get me back into the swing of things (well, you know, one can hope. :))

Sports bra

I go through sports bras like nobody’s business (you know, when I’m in the habit of working out, anyway), so this one might be great to add to the rotation.  Super cute – and I especially love the strappy back.

Sports bra


Tank Tops

Just like the t-shirts, these are all from Thin Blue Line USA.  I don’t have any of these yet, but considering how much I love the T-shirts, I probably should 😉  I especially love the clover leaf one because my husband’s a Notre Dame fan.

Remember to use that coupon code (LOVEBLUES15) for an extra 15% off 🙂

Flag TankShamrock TankMrs. Tank



I love these – especially the shorts.  When it’s like 100 degrees outside, longer pants are out of the question for working out.



Seriously, I love all the cute stuff they have for police wives now. 😍

Love this - I'm about to OFFICIALLY be a police wife, and I'm definitely saving this for when hubby graduates!