5 Ways To Make Chores Suck Less

Let’s face it: Chores suck.

I know there are so many things to do around the house (like that fridge I haven’t cleaned in… ever? Oops.) but there are so many things I’d rather do.  Like read, or play with A, or heck, even get ahead on some work.

I’ve tried lots of ways to make them better.  Giving myself a reward afterward sometimes helps, but I have no discipline apparently, and sometimes say “well, I did my best,” and take my reward anyway.  Same with “prewarding” myself with the intention of doing the thing I don’t want to do later: it’s just not happening.

How to Concealed Carry In A Dress

Hey guys! So Carol is one of my best friends, and I asked a while back if she’d be interested in writing about how she carries when she’s wearing dresses.  I asked her because she’s good about carrying consistently, has similar feelings as I do about purse carry, and well, as an A&D rep, she wears dresses a lot 🙂

So without further ado, here’s her post!

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Why Sexting Your Husband Is A Bad Idea

Sexting is kind of a hot topic.  I mean, you read about it all the time, though usually the articles are talking about teens and how they’re getting into trouble because of sexting.

While the implications of grown, married people sexting one another are a world away from those of teenagers doing it, it’s still just not a good idea.

And I suppose I should be clear here: by sexting, I’m talking about sending photos/videos to your significant other.  I’m not talking about flirty/sexy, plain-text texts.  I realize these both technically fit the definition, but one can be a fun way of building anticipation and facilitating closeness with your spouse, and one, well, as I’m about to explain, has a lot of drawbacks.

Have You Heard Of Groupon Coupons?

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.  For my full disclosure, go here.

So, after my post yesterday, I was contacted concerning Groupon Coupons… which I’ll confess, I had never heard of before.

But they’re actually pretty cool!  You can use them for dates, like I talked about yesterday (since they have coupons for activities, restaurants, that kind of thing), but they appear that they’d mostly be great to use for everyday expenses like housewares or clothes and shoes.

How To Use Groupon to Save On Date Night

This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.  Full disclosure here.

Date night.  We’ve talked about it before: how important it is, how you can save money on a babysitter, or even ways you can nix a babysitter altogether.

There are so many ways to make date night happen, even on a small budget, but one of my favorite ways is to use Groupon.

Dealing With Depression When You’re Parenting Alone

Today, I want to address something that I think a lot of people struggle with on some level: Depression.

Maybe it’s situational, maybe it’s hormone-related, maybe it’s something you struggle with all the time, but at one point or another, it hits everyone.

I personally struggle with it a lot, typically every few months.

It starts with little stresses getting under my skin, especially stress about money.  Then life starts getting overwhelming, and, even though I’m a fairly optimistic person, I just feel like I slow down.  Everything feels a little harder to do, and all the things I usually like doing seem far less interesting.

40 Ways to Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without: Guest Post

So, I apologize for the lapse between when this was published and my post about it. August (well, the whole summer, actually) has been a little crazy!  Here’s hoping things settle down a bit this fall.

Nonetheless, I wanted to let you guys know that my newest contribution to My Joy-Filled Life is live!

I was inspired to write it based on the Depression-era wisdom of “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”  It’s one of my favorite frugal living-related quotes, and it’s one I really like to remember to keep my head when I start thinking about all the “things” I want.  I think it helps keep things in perspective and helps me remember what’s really important.

Spicy Tuna Stuffed Baked Potatoes

One thing I admire about my dad is how he’s able to use up what he has in the fridge.  At times in my childhood, it irritated the crap out of me, but as an adult, I can appreciate how resourceful he is.  He can turn a bunch of random ingredients into a pretty good meal.

This recipe comes from him.  When my parents visited to help with my son when he was born, he made this.  I thought he was crazy at first.  I thought it was another of his crazy experimental recipes I’d hate (especially because I had so many food aversions when I was pregnant.

I was so wrong.  It was so freaking good.

10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

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One of the best ways to reduce your spending is to shop smarter in the grocery store. It’s a huge expense, and can be bigger if you shop aimlessly or don’t have the skills to make anything more than ready-made foods.

When you live on less than $50,000 a year (about the average income for a police officer… and keep in mind that’s average!), it’s even more important to cut costs where you can and I have some tips to help.

Ultimate List of Baby Gifts for Police Officers

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (full disclosure here)

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are suddenly babies everywhere?

It could just be that I’m in my mid-twenties, so I just naturally see them more.  It could be because A is getting out of the tiny squish stage and into the little boy stage, and I’m starting to get some serious baby fever.  It could be because I live in Utah.  Who knows?

In any case, I thought it was time I put all my baby product research to good use.  While I tend to lean toward homemade gifts for baby showers (for both sentimental reasons and budgetary constraints), I’ve found lots of gift ideas for police babies through sources like Amazon and Pinterest that have me just dying.

I mean, a ton.  There are over 50 items on this list.  So whatever your budget, whatever your relationship to the parents-to-be, there’s bound to be an idea in here for you! (you’re welcome!)

(But bear in mind, 50+ items = 50+ images, so this page may take a minute to load! Sorry!)