33 Creative Ways to Make Learning More Fun: Guest Post

Hey there! I just wanted to let you all know that my latest post for My Joy-Filled Life is now live.

For those who aren’t familiar, My Joy-Filled Life is a blog primarily for Christian homeschooling moms.  They have lots of tips and tricks to make homeschooling more doable, and encouragement for moms who are struggling.

As someone who is planning to homeschool in the future, I’m a big fan… which is why I really enjoy writing for them!

My latest post focuses on the creative things you can do with your kids as a homeschool mom.  Because you don’t have to have a lesson plan suitable for 20-30 kids, you can tailor what you want to teach to suit your kids’ interests.

That’s a powerful tool to have when you want to spark (and maintain) a love of learning in your kids.

So with that in mind, I compiled 33 ideas to help homeschooling moms have more fun with their kids’ educations.  There are ideas for math, science, writing, languages, history, and the arts, so no matter what your child is interested in, you’ll find something they’ll love.

Anyway, I loved writing this post, and I hope you all enjoy it, too!

Read it here: 33 Creative Ways to Make Learning More Fun

These are such fun ideas! And they make me want to homeschool even more. I love that I can be more creative in my teaching methods than a "normal" school. Thanks for pinning!

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