EMS Appreciation Week Idea: Lifesavers

Happy Emergency Medical Services Appreciation Week!  What’s a first responder appreciation week without a gift bag with candy? It’s just not the same.

I was a little worried putting this one together.  I mean, there are police stations and fire stations, but there are no emergency medical services stations.  I almost skipped making a gift bag altogether because I wasn’t sure where exactly I would bring it.

But I decided I would do it like a lot of things I do that I’m unsure about and wing it.  I’m still not 100% sure where to bring it, but I’ll start with the fire station and ask them.. and if not, well, I’ll try the hospital.  I’m sure paramedics can’t be that hard to find… right?

In any case, I’ll admit that finding a treat for EMS was a lot easier than finding one for law enforcement.  Lifesavers, duh! The biggest choice I had to make was between wintergreen and peppermint.  I chose peppermint, since I think that’s what most people prefer.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

Next step was to make the badge, and while I wasn’t big on making a cutesy phrase to go with the kisses for law enforcement, I figured I’d give it a shot for this one.  It was tough to think of a phrase that didn’t make me groan, but I thought this was cute without being overly cheesy.

lifesaver ems gift finished

What You’ll Need:

  • A bag of Mint Lifesavers
  • Plain white (or blue) gift bag.
  • A color printer and paper.
  • A glue stick

I got the bag of Lifesavers from Shopko for about $3 and the package of bags was from JoAnn’s.  The package of 13 bags (with white, red, and black bags) with coupon ends up being about 19 cents per bag.  I love these because I can not only use them for these appreciation gift bags, but I can also repurpose them for small gifts!

This is by far the best smelling appreciation gift I’ve made so far. Mmm.

To get to the printable PDF version of the badge, click the image below.

lifesaver ems gift badge

Weigh in: Wintergreen or peppermint?

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