Law Enforcement Appreciation Idea: Hershey Kisses

Happy Law Enforcement Appreciation Week everyone!

As with the treat I made last week for last week, I wanted to do something for our local police department.  I figured I would go to the store, find a candy wrapped in blue or something I could make a clever saying about, and that would be it.

Would you believe how few candies there are that are either blue or wrapped in blue, and packaged individually? Oops.  I thought I’d at least be able to find a blue raspberry candy or something.  The most clever ones I could find were Mary Jane candies, which I thought could make a funny gift for law enforcement in the future, but just didn’t suit my needs this week.

So, I went with an old standby: Hershey kisses.

Okay, they’re a little boring and possibly a little overdone, but who doesn’t love Hershey kisses?  I suppose I could have come up with a clever phrase to go with them.  I thought about writing “hugs and kisses for our police officers!”  but it just felt too cheesy and cutesy.

Besides, the point I wanted to make was that I’m glad the officers are there doing their jobs to keep us safe.  Clever or not, this fulfills that goal!

bag printable kisses police appreciation gift

What You’ll Need:

  • Hershey Kisses or other individually wrapped candy (1-2 lb)
  • Plain black gift bag.
  • A color printer and paper.
  • A glue stick

I got the kisses from the bulk section at Winco for $5 per pound and the package of bags from JoAnn’s.  The package of 13 bags (with white, red, and black bags) with coupon ended up being about 19 cents per bag.

I printed the badge off, cut it out with scissors, and attached it to the bag.  I learned from last time that Elmer’s glue makes the badge wrinkly, so I used a glue stick this time.  It made the badge lay a lot smoother on the bag.

completed bag police appreciation gift

Voila!  I didn’t realize until I took a look at this picture that the badge was slightly off-center. D’oh. Sorry, officers!

I intended to tie the top with cute blue polka-dotted ribbon I bought the other day, but I can’t find the roll.  I assume my son ran off with it. Hopefully when I find the ribbon I’ll also find the rest of the credit cards he stole from my purse the other day.  Ahh, life with a one-year-old.

Edit: I found the ribbon, hooray!

blue ribbon on police appreciation gift

I’ll be dropping this gift off at the police station later today: I can’t wait!

If you’d like to make this gift as well, click on the image below to go to the printable PDF version.

LEO Appreciation Badge (1)


Are you doing anything special for your local law enforcement this week?

EDIT: If you’re looking for some more ideas, here’s a fun idea for Doritos from Mommy Octopus!

National Police Week

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