Could You Save A Down Payment with Uber In One Year?

Hey guys! So, a few weeks ago I wrote a guest post for And The Kitchen Sink on driving for Uber, and I wanted to share.

My husband tried it a few weeks ago to help with our budget a little, and despite the fact he’s been heard saying he would never use/drive for Uber (never say never!), it was actually a pretty awesome gig!

He hasn’t done it much recently, just because of time constraints.  Time and money seem to always be the issue, don’t they?  Plus, it’s hard to keep the car immaculate when we only have one car and a toddler. Just sayin’.

He still plans to do it occasionally (especially because we want to keep our Verizon discount), but also because it’s a great, easy way to make a little extra cash.

Anyway, the article I wrote is about whether or not you could use Uber to save a $10,000 down payment in one year.  I was curious if you’d be able to make enough extra income with the app to do so… and the short version is, I think you definitely could.

Granted, it’d be easier for someone with a 9-5, since the weekend evenings are the most lucrative time to drive (more tips!), but depending on where you live, rush hour shifts are great, too!

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading more, check it out here: Could You Save A Down Payment in One Year With Uber?

(And if you’re interested in giving Uber a shot, go here for a $100 bonus!)

This is an awesome idea! She shows how in 10 or so hours of driving a week you can save a down payment for a house.. in ONE year. It would take a lot of dedication... but this might be totally doable for 2017!


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