Is the Dollar Shave Club Worth It?

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If you use Facebook in any capacity, I’m sure that, by now, you’ve heard of the Dollar Shave Club a few times.  If you haven’t used it, you might be wondering: is it worth it?

I’d seen the ads a few times, and I’d heard a lot of good things about it from friends, but something just kept holding me back.  I guess I was thinking, is it really that good of a deal, or is one of those spammy subscription services that I’ll regret ever signing up for?

We’ve been using the service for a few months now, and I really wish I’d signed up before, because it’s an awesome deal.


First of all, your first box is only $1 (with free shipping).  That includes one handle and 4-5 cartridges (4 for the 4x or Executive blades, 5 for the Humble Twin), so if you for whatever reason decide it’s not for you, you’re only out $1 for giving it a shot.

When we ordered our first box, we ordered an extra handle with it since we were planning to share the subscription anyway, so the total cost of our first box was $7.

After that, each box is $1, $6, or $9, depending on the type of blades you choose.

Because my husband shaves frequently and has such sensitive skin, we spring for the $9 box – which is still a great bargain, considering the comparable Gilette blades we had been buying ran for about $12-15 for four blade refills.


The blades we’ve received are super high-quality.  They shave smoothly without pulling, I don’t have to go over the same area more than once, and I pretty much end up feeling like this.


No joke.

And they’ve even worked well for my husband’s sensitive skin.  He uses the razors in conjunction with Art of Shaving products, and he doesn’t have issues with razor burn like he used to.  He actually enjoys shaving a little more – which is saying something.

Granted, a big (some might say the biggest) factor of a good shave is preparation: so how well you exfoliate beforehand and moisturize your skin afterward will change how satisfied you are with your shave.  But all else being equal, these razors have been awesome.

That reminds me: they also have their own line of shave butters, after-shave lotions and oils, hair gels, sunscreens, and even butt wipes (which is actually what they call them!)  We haven’t purchased any of their other products yet, but I’ve heard good things about them.

And actually, while writing this, I decided to add The Wanderer Hydrating Daily Facial Cleanser (only $5.50!) to our box, which took about 10 seconds to do.  So I’ll get to try that with my next box, about a week from now. Yay!


As I mentioned, it’s really easy to manage your account on the website.  If you want to change your plan, get blades more frequently (especially if you share a box like we do), add any products or postpone shipments, you can do so painlessly in their Membership Settings area.

That means you can change or cancel your subscription without having to call and go through automated systems, then talk to an associate that tries to persuade you to stay.

None of that.  Which is a huge selling point in my book.

They also send a reminder email prior to shipping each box, so if you want to postpone that box or add anything to it, you’ll be reminded about it in time.  That’s great for me, because I don’t want one more thing to remember on my own. I have enough of that 😉

The only real downside I’ve seen to the Dollar Shave Club so far is that there’s only one style of handle available, so you have to find a way to differentiate between your own and your spouse’s, if you both use it.  But that’s a pretty minor issue.  You could even use a small strip of tape on one of them to tell the difference, or paint a mark on it with nail polish.

So the answer to the original question: is the Dollar Shave Club worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely – especially if your husband shaves frequently, whether that’s for law enforcement, firefighting, or even working at an office.  It’s the most cost-effective way to get a good quality shave.

And if their other products are as good as advertised, they’re offered at a great price, as well – so you can get even more value out of the subscription by making use of those!

Even if you don’t change your blades every week as they suggest (I sure don’t!), you can get the first box, then postpone shipment until you need blades again, without any sort of hassle with customer service.

You can get your first box for only $1 here!


Have you tried the Dollar Shave Club?

This is awesome! I've seen the adds for the Dollar Shave Club before, but I wasn't so sure about it. This makes me want to try it ;)

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