Megan McLemore

Meg is a married mama of 3. Her husband is a talented drummer and full time detention deputy. She has been a social media manager and freelance writer for almost a year. Meg has been published in, XoJane, and SheKnows. She is also a regular contributor with Her View From Home.

She is a lover of her morning coffee and her church home in Florida.

She blogs at


Suzanne Hines

Suzanne was raised as a missionary kid on the edge of the Sahara desert in West Africa.  All her life, she was positive that she would return to Africa as a missionary.
Imagine her surprise when she met her now husband at Cedarville University and they felt God calling them to stay right where they were, in Dayton, Ohio.
Theo and Suzanne met as college freshman, dated for two years and were married by their senior year of college. After graduating from college, they stayed in the area and Theo began to work at a private care transport company.
After two years of marriage, their beautiful daughter Tera came along, and Theo began to pursue working at a local fire department. They were thrilled when Theo got the job.
Shortly after beginning that job, they became licensed foster parents and welcomed their first foster placement into their home. Fiesty “Little Miss” lived with the Hines for nine months before moving out of state to live with some relatives. The next big life event came just five months later when they welcomed their son, Hezekiah James into their lives. Now they await another phone call for another foster placement!
Most of Suzanne’s days are spent cleaning, cooking and maintaining her household. She is learning that toddlers come with a required amount of crowd control, and newborns are quite needy, too! When she has some spare time, she loves to spend it blogging, running, or just being outside with her family. 
Suzanne blogs at The Glorious Mundane, and you can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stephanie Erb

 Stephanie has been happily married to her Police Sergeant husband for 8 years. They have two dogs that are spoiled more than most kids.  Stephanie started in the world of public service as a police officer. After 9 years on patrol Stephanie had a back injury that ended her career in policing. This is when she switched to the other side of the radio and had the chance to tell the officers what to do in her new role as a dispatcher.   

She now enjoys being that odd person who actually enjoys doing policy development along with handling her police departments training and accreditation.  The world of public safety was meant to have her in it one way or another.

Having the grand slam experience as officer, dispatcher, and wife to an officer Stephanie brings a unique perspective to this crazy weird public safety world we live in.

Stephanie is a certified domestic violence advocate and volunteers once a week and handles on call shifts that can send her to hospitals, police departments, and other safe locations for victims who are in emergency need of shelter or other assistance.

For fun, she enjoys doing mosaic art and going on the rare date with her husband or if he is not available with her dogs. She also is the proud administrator of the LEO Wives Club on Facebook

Stephanie blogs at The Blue Line Warrior and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram




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