The Best Way to Concealed Carry in LuLaRoe

Hey guys!  I’ve wanted to share with you some ideas for how to make concealed carry work while still wearing feminine clothes… but truth be told I’m currently working on finding a concealed carry class (and time to take it, which is much harder than finding the class itself right now!)

Ashley is a friend I met through the Sheepdog Mamas Facebook group and when she talked about how she carries while still wearing LuLaRoe, I knew I had to ask if she’d be willing to write a guest post.

I’m so excited to share this with you, so without further ado, here’s her post!

PS: This post contains affiliate links.  For full disclosure, go here.

When I first found LuLaRoe, I fell in love.  Their clothes are so comfortable, and I love knowing that by purchasing from consultants, I’m helping support the families of other women.  But most of all, I love that I feel confident and beautiful in them.
After my daughter was born, I never wanted to wear jeans again. I was a total leggings convert.  Let’s put it this way, I was familiar enough with LuLaRoe’s line that I could (and still can) tell whether someone is wearing LLR leggings just by looking.
There was one big issue, though.

I couldn’t figure out how to wear those buttery-soft leggings while also carrying a firearm.

The holsters I was finding were too bulky.  They actually accentuated the size of my firearm, and most are just made to be worn in more structured pants.  While most of the LLR tops are not so fitted and hide a concealed weapon fairly well, I just didn’t want to have to go back to jeans!
I tried the Belly Band thinking it might be a good alternative, but I didn’t like the Velcro.  It either scratched my skin or caught my clothes and ruined them (no bueno!)

Enter CanCan Concealment.

My absolute favorite holster for carrying in leggings is the Hip Hugger from Can Can Concealment.  It’s amazing!  It’s comfortable, conceals my firearm well, and the bra-style hook closure doesn’t catch on my skin or clothes.
On Amazon for $79.00 – there are more colors available, too! 
It also accommodates a lot of different wearers, since there are 4 different places on the band to carry.  I personally carry on the front because I find it more comfortable and easier to access, but that’s personal preference.
With the Can Can, you can carry back or front and on the left or right side.  And those unused pockets can hold whatever else you might want – lipstick, money, maybe even a cell phone!  There are also two extra pockets (one on each hip) for extra magazines.
The Can Can is also great because it’s easy to alter if you lose or gain weight.  It has a lot of different settings you can put the hooks on to tighten it if you lose weight.  If you gain weight, they sell an extender.  I know as a mom, my weight fluctuates a ton, so the flexibility is great.  For reference, I’m a size 14 and ordered an extra large holster.

Want a better idea of how I carry with LuLaRoe?

To help you guys get a feel for how I carry with LLR and the Can Can, I made a video! I like to watch videos because then I can see exactly how others make things work for them.
In the video, I am wearing my favorite lipstick leggings and an XL Randy.  Later in the video, I’m wearing an Irma and one of our shawls over the top to show how it helps better conceal a pistol.  I usually wear the holster over my leggings, but I also show how it looks when worn underneath.  It’s all personal preference ladies!

As a woman, it can be difficult to find a way to conceal carry that we feel comfortable and without sacrificing fashion.  I have found this holster helps me do just that! I feel confident and beautiful in my LuLaRoe clothing while also having the piece of mind of conceal carrying my firearm for safety.
It's important to me to be able to concealed carry, but I didn't want to give up feminine clothes either. The holster she mentions in this article is the PERFECT solution. Honestly, it's the only one I use. Totally recommend it.
You can find the Hip Hugger holster here along with other styles of holsters and you can join my LuLaRoe VIP pages for those buttery soft leggings here!
Ashley headshot
“Ashley Sloan is a work from home mom, military brat and spouse, a mom of a crazy 2 year old, and hobbyist photographer.  Her interests include everything geeky, capturing the Northern Lights, spending hours watching makeup videos, and adding to her LuLaRoe closet.  Ashley has been a Younique presenter for over a year with no end in sight.  She also recently became a LuLaRoe consultant to feed her ever-growing leggings addiction.  You can follow her on her Younique page or join her LuLaRoe group.”


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  • I actually have this holster and love it, i only wear it when i go running on trails, i never thought to wear it with my luluroe but now that i know i can still hide it (which i dont know why i didn’t think of it!) i’ll probably wear it every day haha it does stay put very well, doesn’t roll doesn’t slide up or down, even with a heavier gun, mine definitely isn’t the smallest gun and holster stays put.

    • Oh that’s awesome! What kind of gun do you carry in it?

      When I tried a friend’s, the gun was basically invisible in kidney carry, even in leggings and a tight t-shirt. It’s awesome.

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