How to Concealed Carry In A Dress

Hey guys! So Carol is one of my best friends, and I asked a while back if she’d be interested in writing about how she carries when she’s wearing dresses.  I asked her because she’s good about carrying consistently, has similar feelings as I do about purse carry, and well, as an A&D rep, she wears dresses a lot 🙂

So without further ado, here’s her post!

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How to Concealed Carry in a Dress

Ever since I discovered Agnes & Dora, I was hooked on their quality dresses. I wanted to wear them all the time, but didn’t want to have to decide between looking great and not carrying, and looking like a “tacticool mall ninja” but being properly armed.

Many women simply choose to carry in a purse or diaper bag. Carrying my pistol “off-body” in this manner doesn’t pan out with the inherent risk. I can’t go five minutes without one of my kids digging around in my purse, so having a firearm in it isn’t an option.


Also, during a mugging or theft, the purse is usually what is taken, and I certainly don’t want a thief ending up with my wallet, keys, AND my .380ACP.

Note: Off-body carry may be a fantastic option for other ladies, but if you choose this method, you really must treat your purse or bag as a permanent part of you, and never set it down from your shoulder in public, EVER!

So, for my particular set of circumstances, I was looking for a compression holster that could be placed around my waist or thigh that was discrete enough to allow unencumbered carry, and comfortable enough for everyday use.  After searching the local gun shops, I found a thigh holster that I love. It stays put even while I chase the kids around and it’s not so bulky as to show a telltale bulge.

Bulldog Cases Concealed Thigh Holster, $17

Plus, look how cute.

The trade-off for this type of holster is that it is limited in the weight and size of handgun it can accommodate. You certainly aren’t going to lug around a full-size Glock, like my husband carries 24/7. The Amazon listing recommends small auto pistols weighing up to one pound.

There’s also a similar holster offered by CanCan Concealment that has a built-in pocket for an extra magazine.  I don’t personally use it, but it’s another great option!

Cancan Concealment Thigh Holster, $69

My everyday carry option is a Keltec P3AT, a micro .380 pistol that holds six rounds in the magazine and a seventh in the chamber. The long, heavy, double-action only trigger allows for chambered carry without worry of an unintentional discharge. Fully loaded, it weighs roughly 11oz.

Similar .380 caliber pistols that would be appropriate for this holster would include the Ruger LCP, Beretta Pico, S&W Bodyguard or even the slightly longer Glock 42.

There are a few smaller 9×19 caliber pistols that may work, but beware that the heavier a pistol you ask this holster to accommodate, the more it will move around if you do much moving around. There are underwear that you can wear, as well, for the added support of the straps, but it’s not necessary for the smaller .380 options.

I’ve been happily wearing my dresses and skirts around and no one would know that this sexy fox has bark AND bite!

Another bonus is that most dresses and skirts that Agnes & Dora carry comes with pockets. If I’m going shopping in an area that feels a little sketchy, I can place a spare mag in my offside pocket or a small can of pepper spray.


If you’re interested in learning about the thigh holster I use, you can get the details here.

If you would like more info about my all-time favorite dresses, you can find them here.

Great tips for concealed carry in a dress - I want to carry all the time but I don't want to wear pants ALL the time!!



Carol Gollihur is an avid concealed carrier and has been for 11 years. She’s a wife and mother of four crazies who enjoys a delicate balance of being in the outdoors and swallowed up in a pile of blankets watching Netflix. 

Carol is an active Rep for Agnes & Dora, and you can connect with her through her Facebook page.

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