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10 Ways To Have A Game Night When You Can’t Be Together

Technology is pretty amazing, isn’t it?  I mean, think about it.  We live in a time where if we miss someone, we can instantly contact them via text or social media or anything.  That wasn’t the case even 10 years ago.  Heck, I remember spending many of my teenage years warning people NOT to call me until after 9 (or else I’d go over my minutes and get in trouble!)

But I think a lot about my husband’s grandparents when I think about this topic.  My husband’s grandfather was a game warden, and his grandmother has said there would sometimes be as long as a week at a time without word from him.

A week.

I mean, they’re an awesome example of a strong law enforcement couple, because he passed away a few nights before their 76th wedding anniversary.  Talk about commitment.  But I can imagine it wasn’t always easy.

Now that we have smart phones, we can keep in touch at all hours of the day (or night) via phone calls, texts, or even FaceTime sessions – which is amazing for law enforcement families!

How To Use Groupon to Save On Date Night

This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.  Full disclosure here.

Date night.  We’ve talked about it before: how important it is, how you can save money on a babysitter, or even ways you can nix a babysitter altogether.

There are so many ways to make date night happen, even on a small budget, but one of my favorite ways is to use Groupon.

5 Ways To Save Money on a Babysitter

I still remember the first time my husband and I were alone after having our son.

It was only a few days after coming home from the hospital, surprisingly.  At the time, I was more interested in giving my parents a chance to spend time with A uninterrupted since they’d only be in town for another day or two longer.  I wasn’t desperate for a break just yet.

Fast forward a few months, the desperation for a break started to set in.  Note that I’m sure it would have happened sooner, but we were blessed with a super easy first baby who slept 4-hour stretches from the very beginning 😉 (Yes, it was awesome.)

That’s when I realized how freaking expensive date night could get.

You see, once my parents left, we didn’t have family around to watch our son.  And he was too young for me to feel comfortable with just anyone watching him.  And, of course, my husband having seen the things he’s seen is incredibly paranoid about babysitters, so he’s even pickier than I am.

It was rough.  Because man, did we need date night – but it was not only impossible to arrange around my husband’s schedule, but it felt like just a regular dinner date was a fortune because of the cost of babysitting.

However – we totally found ways to make it work.

10 Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas (That Don’t Require a Babysitter)

I love date night.  I love the excuse to get all dolled up like I used to before we had kids, and I love having some quality time with my husband.  It’s nice to feel like myself again, and not just “mommy”.

And the time and money investment pays off.  After we go out on a date, a lot of the day-to-day irritations seem not so bad for a while.

But with my husband’s job, date night can get complicated.  It’s hard enough to coordinate a time that will work for his schedule, but add in not only finding a baby-sitter but paying for one?  Frustrating.

Especially because with my husband being a police officer, he’s not about to let me hire just any 12-year-old off the street.  He has to size up the babysitters first to make sure they’re not secretly druggies or otherwise questionable.

But anyway.