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The Best Way To Meal Plan When You’re a Hot Mess

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Dinnertime is so awesome.

I mean, 5:00 hits and my son is so well behaved.  The best he’s behaved all day, in fact.

My husband?  He’s always around to help out with whatever I need, whether that’s preparing part of the meal or helping our angelic child build a block tower.

Then after a half hour to an hour of work in the kitchen, we all sit down together for a civilized meal.

Oh wait.  No.  It’s actually not like that at all.

10 Life-Changing Bullet Journal Ideas for Police Wives

I have such a thing for paper and pencils.  I mean, I love the convenience of e-readers and cell phones, and that I can use them to remind me of things or read books with one hand (you know, like when I was nursing a baby in the middle of the night.)

They’re awesome.  They have their place.

But there’s something about writing or drawing on paper or opening a real book that speaks to my soul.  The feel of it, the smell of it… there’s just nothing like it.

That’s probably why I’m obsessed with the idea of bullet journals.

10 Healthy, Homemade Snacks To Keep Your Husband Energized at Work

For several years now my husband has worked as a first responder: first as the medic, and now as a police recruit. 

Through the years, I have always struggled with what food to send with him for lunch and snacks because of the unique challenges the field represents.

For starters, there is no set lunch hour.  In fact, there is often no predictability in when or if there will be a short break to eat.

There is also the issue of not having access to a refrigerator or microwave, making it difficult to send leftover or food that needs to stay cold.

And then there is the issue of how much physical work they are doing and how much energy they are expending during their shift. Running, walking, standing, sometimes sweating through their heavy uniforms and vests burns a lot of calories.

Finally, our husbands are often working LONG shifts – anywhere from 10 to 24 hours.  Instead of packing 1 lunch and 2-3 snacks, I am finding myself packing multiple meals and multiple snacks. 

It is no surprise that many of our first responders struggle with their health – because it is so hard to eat healthy with these challenges.  Sometimes our husbands are so busy taking care of others that they are unable to take care of themselves. 

5 Ways To Make Money From Home And Spend More Time With Your Family

Have you ever considered working from home?

Honestly, I’d never thought much about it.  All the work from home jobs I’d seen before seemed spammy and questionable, or were part of a multi-level marketing scheme (although, to be honest, I joined one of those once simply for the discount :))  The problem I had with that was, I didn’t want to be at the mercy of someone else.  I didn’t want to be locked into the number of hours I needed to work a week, or have to follow someone else’s set of rules.

What can I say?  I just like doing my own thing.

5 Ways To Help Your Husband Eat Better (When He Eats Like a Cop)

I really admire how hard my husband works.

It doesn’t matter what job it is.  If there’s something that needs to be done, he does it to the best of his ability.  He genuinely takes pride in his work and wants to do a good job.

Honestly, his work ethic tends to blow mine out of the water.

The downside to this work ethic, however, is it often means his work comes before anything else – including his health.

My goal this year has been to clean up my eating and get into a better exercise regimen so I can be healthier and more confident.  I’ve done pretty well so far (yay!), but it made me realize how crappy my husband’s diet is.  Yikes.

I mean, he actually enjoys vegetables, and he’ll eat pretty much whatever I make for dinner (even if it’s hours later), so pickiness isn’t an issue: the issue is time.  He’s on the go all day long, and when he’s hungry, it’s a matter of finding the quickest thing he can – even if it’s not the healthiest.

And it’s not uncommon.  That whole donut-eating-cop stereotype has a lot to do with police officers not really having time to sit and have a relaxed mealtime.  They’re usually downing energy drinks and whatever food they can eat in a hurry before they’re needed again.

Plus, they’re stressed out – which means lots of comfort food 😉  Which I get.

Is the Dollar Shave Club Worth It?

Can I admit something embarrassing?

I was super nervous about my husband having to go clean-shaven for the academy.

I mean, I’d never, ever seen him completely without facial hair.  Ever.  I was kind of worried I wouldn’t like it.  I was also worried he’d be upset if I didn’t like it.

So I waited outside the bathroom with bated breath while he shaved.  The suspense.

Luckily, I thought he was just as handsome as ever.  Phew.

But the experience was a great reminder in why he didn’t shave before.  It’s not just because he prefers to have some facial hair: it’s because he has coarse hair and super sensitive skin, so shaving is pretty unpleasant.

And because of those two factors, blades aren’t something we could skimp on.  If we did, he’d definitely feel it.

Poor guy.

But because of that, we had to spend a lot of money on razors.  Phew, they’re super expensive.  So when we heard of the Dollar Shave Club, we figured it was worth a shot.

Is the Dollar Shave Club Worth It?


First of all, your first box is only $1 (with free shipping).  That includes one handle and 4-5 cartridges (4 for the 4x or Executive blades, 5 for the Humble Twin), so if you for whatever reason decide it’s not for you, you’re only out $1 for giving it a shot.

When we ordered our first box, we ordered an extra handle with it since we were planning to share the subscription anyway, so the total cost of our first box was $7.

After that, each box is $1, $6, or $9, depending on the type of blades you choose.

Because my husband shaves frequently and has such sensitive skin, we tried the Executive blades first.  Even the $9 box was still a great bargain, considering the comparable Gilette blades we had been buying ran for about $12-15 for four blade refills.



Unfortunately, the Executive blades weren’t my husband’s favorite.  He only got one good shave out of them before it was too dull and got clogged up with hair.

Based on a few reviews that recommended the 4x for sensitive skin, we decided to give that one a try.  Thus far, they’ve done the trick – and it doesn’t hurt that they’re even cheaper.

He uses the razors in conjunction with Art of Shaving products, which are a big reason he doesn’t have crazy issues with razor burn anymore – but these razors don’t seem to aggravate his skin, which is great.

But if you have sensitive skin, too, definitely give the 4x a try instead of the Executive.

As for me, I don’t have super sensitive skin and don’t shave my legs daily – so I’ve really never had an issue with the blades.  And I can go 2-3 weeks without changing it out.  So I could probably deal with the Humble Twin and be fine – but it’s not worth getting a separate box right now since I go so long between changes 🙂



My favorite thing about the Dollar Shave Club is how easy it is to manage your account.  If you want to change your plan, get blades more frequently (especially if you share a box like we do), add any products or postpone shipments, you can do so painlessly in their Membership Settings area.

That means you can change or cancel your subscription without having to call and go through automated systems, then talk to an associate that tries to persuade you to stay.

None of that.  Which is a huge selling point in my book.  I hate having to deal with customer support even on a good day.

They also send a reminder email prior to shipping each box, so if you want to postpone that box or add anything to it, you’ll be reminded about it in time.  That’s great for me, because I don’t want one more thing to remember on my own. I have enough of that 😉


So the answer to the original question: is the Dollar Shave Club worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely – especially if your husband shaves frequently, whether that’s for law enforcement, firefighting, or even working at an office.  It’s the most cost-effective way to get a good quality shave.

However – skip the extra cost for the Executive blade for now.  The 4X does a much better job 🙂

Even if you don’t change your blades every week as they suggest (I sure don’t!), you can get the first box, then postpone shipment until you need blades again, without any sort of hassle with customer service.


If you want to give it a shot, you can get your first box for only $1 here!


Have you tried the Dollar Shave Club?

Hmm.  Good to know.  My husband's a police officer and shaves every day and we spend a fortune on razors.  Haha.

5 Ways To Make Chores Suck Less

Let’s face it: Chores suck.

I know there are so many things to do around the house (like that fridge I haven’t cleaned in… ever? Oops.) but there are so many things I’d rather do.  Like read, or play with A, or heck, even get ahead on some work.

I’ve tried lots of ways to make them better.  Giving myself a reward afterward sometimes helps, but I have no discipline apparently, and sometimes say “well, I did my best,” and take my reward anyway.  Same with “prewarding” myself with the intention of doing the thing I don’t want to do later: it’s just not happening.

Have You Heard Of Groupon Coupons?

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.  For my full disclosure, go here.

So, after my post yesterday, I was contacted concerning Groupon Coupons… which I’ll confess, I had never heard of before.

But they’re actually pretty cool!  You can use them for dates, like I talked about yesterday (since they have coupons for activities, restaurants, that kind of thing), but they appear that they’d mostly be great to use for everyday expenses like housewares or clothes and shoes.

40 Ways to Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without: Guest Post

So, I apologize for the lapse between when this was published and my post about it. August (well, the whole summer, actually) has been a little crazy!  Here’s hoping things settle down a bit this fall.

Nonetheless, I wanted to let you guys know that my newest contribution to My Joy-Filled Life is live!

I was inspired to write it based on the Depression-era wisdom of “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”  It’s one of my favorite frugal living-related quotes, and it’s one I really like to remember to keep my head when I start thinking about all the “things” I want.  I think it helps keep things in perspective and helps me remember what’s really important.

Is It A Bad Idea For Police Wives To Have A Blog?

This post contains affiliate links.  Read full disclosure here.

I’m sure you’ve seen posts about blogging on Pinterest and its wild claims.  Things like, “how I made $10,o00 this month as a stay at home mom from a blog”.

Maybe you haven’t actually seen these.  Maybe you have and it’s piqued your interest.  Maybe you’re convinced it’s a pyramid scheme and/or a scam.

Well, I can tell you first and foremost: it’s totally not a scam.

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, and while I’m just beginning to turn a profit (largely thanks to a course I’ll talk more about later), I know many others who make upwards of $1000 a month working 10-20 hours a week on their blog.  And others who make much more – up to $100,000 a month.

As a police wife, it can be a great way to invest your free time and help support your family – especially because of its flexibility.  You can work anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a computer.

But as a police wife, there are some things you might want to consider first.