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3 Reasons Concealed Carry Purses Are A Terrible Idea

I’m totally jealous of my husband sometimes.

I mean, sure, he has to shave his face every day.  That’s a bummer.  But I feel a lot less bad for him when I spend like 15 minutes shaving my entire body plus plucking my eyebrows.  Arguably, those things aren’t necessities – but I sure look and feel a lot more pulled together when I do.

Also, breastfeeding?  Don’t get me started.

3 Ways To Improve Situational Awareness (Without Becoming a Nervous Wreck)

I’m so bad about sitting in my husband’s preferred seat in restaurants.  I always manage to sit in the spot where he’ll inevitably give me the look that says, lovingly, “move it.”

At first, I thought it was weird (and annoying), but after 7 years of dating and marriage, I understand better what’s going on in his head.

When he looks around while I’m talking, I know he’s paying attention to me, but I also know he’s checking where the exits are. He’s thinking about where he could duck for cover if needed. He’s wondering how and when he’d draw his gun if he needed to. He’s assessing whether anyone in the restaurant gives him a weird feeling.

3 Comfortable and Feminine Concealed Carry Options For Women by Undertech Undercover

I received the products in this post in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  This post also contains affiliate links.

My husband has wanted me to concealed carry for a long, long time… pretty much since I turned 21.  I’ve wanted to, too, but I kept putting it off, even though I have my concealed carry permit.

The biggest reason was that I didn’t want to have to change the way I dress, and this was even more of an issue post-baby.  I was having a hard enough time with feeling self-conscious about my body, and carrying in a purse is out of the question with a toddler.

I guess I just needed the right motivation to overcome these obstacles, and as it turns out, this wave of creepy clown sightings was just the thing I needed to put all my doubts aside. 🙂

How to Concealed Carry In A Dress

Ever since I discovered Agnes & Dora, I was hooked on their quality dresses. I wanted to wear them all the time, but didn’t want to have to decide between looking great and not carrying, and looking like a “tacticool mall ninja” but being properly armed.

Many women simply choose to carry in a purse or diaper bag. Carrying my pistol “off-body” in this manner doesn’t pan out with the inherent risk. I can’t go five minutes without one of my kids digging around in my purse, so having a firearm in it isn’t an option.

Also, during a mugging or theft, the purse is usually what is taken, and I certainly don’t want a thief ending up with my wallet, keys, AND my .380ACP.

The Best Way to Concealed Carry in LuLaRoe

This post contains affiliate links.  For full disclosure, go here.

When I first found LuLaRoe, I fell in love.  Their clothes are so comfortable, and I love knowing that by purchasing from consultants, I’m helping support the families of other women.  But most of all, I love that I feel confident and beautiful in them.
After my daughter was born, I never wanted to wear jeans again. I was a total leggings convert.  Let’s put it this way, I was familiar enough with LuLaRoe’s line that I could (and still can) tell whether someone is wearing LLR leggings just by looking.
There was one big issue, though.

I couldn’t figure out how to wear those buttery-soft leggings while also carrying a firearm.