9 Weird Things LEO Wives Can Relate To

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You know that phrase, “There’s something about a man in uniform”?  It’s totally true.

But it’s not just that they’re super attractive.  That “something” is also a little quirkiness that comes from sleep deprivation, a high-stress career, and quite frankly, close contact with some weird people.  Police officers live a weird life and we, as the women who love them, do so as well.

There are a lot of weird things you deal with as a police wife… but here are nine you might be able to relate to 🙂

There are a lot of gifs in this post, so it might take a minute to load; sorry!

  1. You’ve started to learn how to find the seat with greatest “tactical advantage” at a restaurant… because if you sit there, he’s gonna make you move.
    which seat
  2. When you’re in a store together and he tells you to go a different way, you know it’s because he’s seen someone he knows “professionally.”
    go away
  3. In the beginning, late nights were a sad thing. Now, you kind of look forward to them: They’re a great excuse for you to watch stuff he doesn’t want to watch with you.
    tv watching
  4. Watching crime shows together means listening to his commentary on how wrong the police procedures are.  Here’s looking at you, Grimm.
    grimm no
  5. When someone calls one of your husband’s co-workers by their first name…
    who's that
  6. When someone says they “can’t wait for the weekend” and you can’t relate at all.
    what's a weekend
  7. The uncomfortable look he gets when someone says “I know you from somewhere…” and he can’t place where.
  8. That really uncomfortable look he gets when he can totally place where.
    oh jim
  9. The sweet sound of velcro in the morning when he gets home and takes off his vest.bulletvest

All righty, let’s hear it from you guys.

What are some weird quirks you or your spouse have because of your job?

I'm dying. This is so spot-on. LEO life is weird.

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Leah is a mom, a wife, and a blogger who loves to read and (occasionally) exercise in her spare time. She lives in Utah with her family and has never met a cookie she didn’t like (well – almost never :))

  • Annick

    Oh gosh! This is spot on hahaha! I was got a good laugh out of the comments they make during police shows. My husband does that ALL THE TIME! I loved this Leah!

    • Right? It’s simultaneously educational and irritating.
      I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  • Haha yes! #2 is my favorite…We have been sitting by someone he arrested and I would remember the story about how he gave my husband trouble so I would just give him the “stink eye” the whole time 🙂 We would have to quit going to some restaurants because my husband arrested the manager and we were afraid they would mess with our food!

    • Oh no! I understand that one. We lived in a super small town before, so it was constantly like “can we go there?” or I’d just go through the drive through alone. Luckily my husband wasn’t a total jerk when he worked at the jail, so there were actually times when former inmates would greet him like an old friend.
      On that note, I always loved to ask him if he knew people “from jail”. Then I’d get the stink eye. 😉

  • Jolene

    My favorite is when we go into a restaurant and then need to leave. Because he has arrested the cook, waitress etc.

    • So crazy when that happens!

    • Lily Toner


  • Melinda Reay

    I love this list and the gifs you use. My husband works with your husband, and is becoming an LEO. I’m excited to keep reading your blog so I can get ready to be a good LEO Wife 🙂

    • Oh, so cool! I know my husband said he showed my blog to his coworker the other day, haha! I’m glad he shared it with you 🙂

  • Leah this is both funny and so interesting! I know it’s not quite the same but my husband is in consulting and whenever there is any mention of that on the TV he has something to comment too 🙂 Thanks for sharing this at #sharethejoy and your choice of gifs made me chuckle 🙂

    • Haha! I suppose that TV thing is true with a lot of professions. After all, my mom works in the medical field… Watching Scrubs or House means the same thing! Lots of comments of “what are they doing?!”

  • Jones’Crzyblssdlife

    This is so funny because it is so true! I just started my blog last week and put up my first