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Daily Archives: July 11, 2017

Repeat After Me: I’m Not The Worst Mom In The World

As much as I love Pinterest, I also sometimes hate it.

On one hand, it’s this place you can go to find great ideas – from creative party ideas, to dinner recipes, to ridiculously delicious and calorie filled dessert recipes.  It’s awesome.

But on the other hand?  It’s also full of so much information it’s easy to get lost.  Especially when it comes to information about parenting.

There are countless articles about how you should parent, how you shouldn’t parent, what phrases to say to your kids, what phrases will ruin them for life, how to avoid raising ungrateful children, why you should be a minimalist when it comes to their toys, and about 50 ways you’re probably screwing up your kids.

Because I’m so ridiculously well-informed on the impact every single decision could have on my kids, I feel like the worst mom in the world.

Every single day.  Without exception.